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Demon Hunter
So....... Would this be considered as good fundamentals build?!Yde!YaccYb

Caltrops- Slows

Evasive Fire- Lay down caltrops and then backflip, while enemies are slowed

Shadow Power- More attack Speed

Elemental Arrow- Needed a hatred spender, and this doesn't need channeling

Marked For Death- Higher single target damage, indigo runes lets it work well with groups

Preparation- Explains itself, however i am unsure if I should socket a golden or alabaster rune stone

* I plan to do PvP a lot, probably as much as I PvE, or more

Yeah this would be a decent PvP build, but terrible PvE. Only thing with PvP is that the skull probbly won't fear players as it does monsters, so I changed Elemental arrow to cold for the slow. Golden marked for death instead of indigo since it will be much more useful that way because you won't be killing mobs, and finally Tactical Advantage instead of Hot Pursuit because I see this build backflipping often, and you probably won't be at full hatred too often because you'll want to fire off elemental arrows at every opportunity. Even with preparation, you'll want some discipline regeneration is your gear as well. Shadow Power is costly.

edit: Terrible may have bit a bit over the top, but it still much better suited to PvP.
Unfortunately its going to be really hard to have a build that will work well for both PvP and PvE, after your done running through Inferno and have had time to stock up on the runestones you would need you could easily level another DH to 60 and then gear with stuff from your PvE DH for PvP.

So, to the build. Good try.

First fundamentals will most likely be removed from the game before release. Recent blue posts hint at this quite heavily as there are almost always better ways to get your regen. But going with the just in case scenario I didn't alter it as your generator.

This is the PvE build for you:!YdU!YacbYZ

I'm assuming that you would only use evasive fire for the distance creator, that's a little iffy for this build, could accomplish the same thing with vault, but evasive is cheaper discipline wise and the same distance so I agree with it for your build, but if you found that you were using it a lot you would need to get rid of fundamentals, and probably steady shot.

Steady shot I left in there, but I really doubt you'll get much use out of it past NM.

On the other hand you don't really have much discipline costs at all, so preparation was ab it of a waste. Shadow Power will be used for bosses and champions mostly, and you needed more power in the build, so I replaced elemental arrow with RoV, its crazy powerful now, and gives you a bit more utility as well. Prep and Vengeance will give you the hatred you need to use it more often. Perfectionist is in there to allow you to use Prep and Shadow Power in tandem if set up right with a few health globes to get the last few discipline you would need. I would also consider Crimson on Caltrops. Vengeance is mostly for the increase in hatred, but if you save your health globes and create a kiting pattern that allows for you to pick them up when you wish it can be a good storage bank for emergency resource regen or health regen. You would never be at full hatred to get anything out of Hot pursuit, not enough regen, and too much of spenders.

For PvP, you need to get rid of Fundamentals. This is what I would use sticking to your build as much as possible:!aZf!YcbYac

It's really not much like your original build. Remember that it will be 3v3, I'm going to assume you haven't done arena's in WoW at least since stun lock went out the window, if you have my bad, hard to tell without a WoW icon. It's all about CC chain on on or two targets and then bursting one target down.

You don't want the extra distance on evasive, because you'll be on the outer edge of the arena a great deal, taking advantage of LoS, but it will still be useful for hoping gaps in the floor when you can't help but get drawn in.

Mark is your healing ability now (and will most likely heal anyone who is attacking that target as well.)

Smoke screen is pretty much mandatory in PvP the ability to turn invisible is priceless.

FoK and Caltrops are your slow. Impale is your single target burn move. I would have rather gone with with Rapid fire or Strafe, but it sounded like you didn't want anything channeled, and if you used strafe it would require dropping mark most likely, which leaves you without healing. And rapid fire would require Prep, and you just simply don't have room.

I would have actually changed quite a bit more but wanted to leave some of it intact. The passives are all pretty self explanatory.

@Sasukekun Thanks a lot, it means a lot that you spent time answering my question.

If it is true, and they will be scrapping fundamentals, I will just go for a heavy discipline build, because I like the discipline skills more than anything with the DH (maybe sentry/caltrops/custom engineering?).

To answer your question on WoW, no I have not played WoW so i am unsure of how the general principals of the arena work. If you say fundamentals wont work well in PvP I won't doubt you... but 200% seemed like it would do nice for generally everything...

I will take your PvP suggestions into mind and will try to come up with a similar build and maybe change out 1 or 2 things, but for the most part I did like it.

Again, thanks.
The problem with fundamentals for PvP isn't the damage it's the lack of added utility that you get from other generators. When compared to Virtuoso the wizard version of Fundamentals, it's also really lack luster for generation. Fundamentals only gives 4 Hatred, but virtuoso gives 15 Arcane Power, this helps to compensate for the lack of utility offered from using other generators. Especially since Entangling shot is both a controlling move, as well as decent (meaning not horrible) damage, the utility trumps the extra damage from Fundamentals.

If you want to get an idea of what arena's will be like in D3, go watch a few youtube videos of WoW arena's, I imagine that while CC chains will be a little different it will be the same sort of concepts, you'll be picking 1 target to take out of action, Hex from a Witch Doctor is awesome for this but you won't get to choose who it is. Don't worry about not understanding what they are actually doing when they call out stuff, watch a few and you'll get an idea anyway. The biggest difference I see is that lack of overall true CC, with the exception of Blind, and Impale, and probably a few other moves amongst the other classes, there really isn't much on demand CC that completely immobilizes an enemy, and then its for really short durations. But you also don't have healers really in Diablo, so people will die faster.

There have been quite a few discipline heavy builds that look really good. Here's an example that I came up with for one that seems decent:!cTU!cZZcYZ

The immediate issue with it though is hatred regen, it would take eight grenades to get back enough hatred to use cluster arrow, and Grenades provide less control, you could switch in Custom engineering for Cull the Weak, but IDK if I like it or not since it's not a duration on the effect only a duration on how long the skill lasts, so Caltrops would stay for 12 seconds and Mark for 60, but mark and sentry have decent durations anyway, it seems worthless.

This is another way of going with it as well:!caU!baZcZZ

I like this one more, as it has a little more control, since Rapid fire is Channeled you can sweet across a few different enemies, apply Mark, then burn the marked target, and repeat, using caltrops for group slows when they get closer, and smoke screen to get some distance when they get too close. But I feel like this one would work way better with Preperation for Hatred regen instead of shadow power, because it allows for better duration of raid fire spam, but then you have too much Discipline going out and not enough coming in.

This is the build that I'll be going for, it's a balance build that allows you to swap one resource for another if you need it:!cab!caacZZ

I may change Rapid Fire for Cluster Arrow for better AoE damage while still doing good single target when necessary, it certainly has the Hatred to support it but I loose a source of slow from taking out rapid fire you could go with Alabaster in Cluster to still get some control but the damage from Crimson is just too good to pass up for it's purpose as a damaging attack.

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