Monk Weapon Animations

This has been brought up before, and it seems that at least some in Blizzard agree that the monk should really be using his weapons in his attacks. However, I can understand completely the need to prioritize other things first.

My request, in light of this, is that just the monk's Spirit Generators use the weapons in their animations. Or, even better, just 3-4 of them do. These are the attacks we're going to be using most often anyways, so it makes sense and is pretty cool that the monk might put away his weapon to pull off some awesome move. It also makes sense to have a couple of the attacks, like Fists of Thunder, Exploding Palm, and perhaps Way of the Hundred Fists be hand-to-hand attacks as well. Or perhaps a better way to go about it would be to have just the attacks that the weapons would be most visible in be weapon attacks.

At any rate, a little bit could go a long way here.
In the meantime, why can't the Monk just always have his weapons sheathed? It's very silly looking to have them in his hands in combat, then disappear to his belt when he throws a punch.

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