D3 still needs quite a bit more work

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The biggest (only) problem is that it's lagging off and on really hard. Like, minutes at a time sometimes.
maybe u need a new computer i dont have any problems at all really lol newb
Maybe you should make your own company and call it blizzard 2... and make diablow 3x2 ??

i think this games pretty ba so far.. u know this is beta means they prob have a bad !@# version there working this is there scraps.. if u dont like that then delete it and go back to worlds war craft..
sry for the @#$ didnt know that gets blocked :)
Seriously, why are people biting this guys head off?

He's providing useful feedback. I have a feeling a lot of that is stuff that wasn't ready when they launched the latest patch but is being worked on. For instance, missing Journals and Lores may simply not be implemented yet, or are not in the beta but are in the internal testing, or simply ready to implement on release after everything else is figured out.

It's not like he's calling the game an absolute failure; he's just noticing things that seem to be missing.

I like the idea for a confirmation of Declining a boss event. Accidental clicks will happen and will be mildly annoying.
If the beta code is completely different from the release code, then testing beta would be completely pointless. I am not sure you understand how trunk and branches work in software development.

Sure, beta is probably not 100% identical to their internal test version. But if the new beta still contains such a large amount of bugs, i would say the internal branch probably also doesn't fall too far from the tree.

As for the guy who said I am doing it wrong. May I ask if English is your first language? Or perhaps you have a documented difficulty in comprehension? Just because you haven't encountered or noticed those problems, it does not mean the problems don't exist. If a piece of software that works on one computer is guaranteed to work on all computers, then there is no need for system profiling. I don't believe I said anywhere in the OP that the problems are universal. So, your point is moot. Also, your assumption that just because you never had problems necessarily mean I have done something wrong to cause it is simply not logical.

Some posters prefer to live in a fantasy world that way they can pretend that the game is ready and continue to go on with the conspiracy theories why blizzard won't release it.

Internet is for some people a place where they seach for things to complain about ,same thing for some posters on this forum.
newbie :)
I too noticed multiple bugs and general problems. Not to mention the server lag now because of the new load... but I'm sure they can just push a couple buttons to fix that, right?

They aren't keeping the "good version" from us.... lol. Maybe they have a version where somethings are a little better/different but for the most part the beta is the game.

I'm gonna predict 4 months before this masterpiece is on the shelves.

That's right... MID 2012.

Go Cry Folks.
its Beta, and for a beta session it ain't bad, considering. Pretty amazing actually. Just think of the end product that will result....wooho!
I just got into Beta with the huge wave. After playing through the entire Beta a bunch of times and leveling almost 4 characters to max level, I can honestly say the game looks really good, but definitely needs more work. To put it in a different way, I am a programmer and a UI designer for 15 years, if D3 were my product, I would not release it like this.

For example:
- D3 launcher crashes on initial load on at least two common system setups, one of which being D3's "recommended system configuration"
- Certain journals won't start reading like the others. I'm not talking about lores, but journals. The difference is journals start reading as soon as you pick them up, because they add to the storyline; whereas lores don't for both
- Event completion dialogue boxes don't have their icons displayed; rather, the icon area is black
- The tool tips for at least hero details are either incomplete or flat out missing
- The party event start dialogue is rough on the edges. A player can easily click on Decline by accident if they just happen to be clicking in that area. An additional confirmation screen for Decline is very much needed
- There are a few clipping problems and invisible walls

I can go on and list all of them, but most of you would write TL/DR anyway. As I have said at the beginning, I am very impressed by the level of polish D3 already has, but I cannot see it as all that close to a final product. Sure, Blizzard can be like Dice or Bethesda, and apply the same low standard for quality those companies used for Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. But would YOU be happy when the game you have been waiting for for so long can't even guide you through the storyline without misbehaving? I know I wouldn't.

Give Blizzard some more time, guys. This game is not ready. But when it is, it'll be EPIC!

Glad to hear it! You must also know all too well what a beta is, right, right?
wow... reading some of the replies to the original poster makes me think this whole world depopulation thing isnt such a bad idea after all.
I never ran into ANY of the issues that you posted. You're doing it wrong.

So, the original poster's problem is that a beta has bugs?
If you just got into beta (like me) chances are you are just a "stress tester". If Blizzard gave a **** about your opinion you would have recieved an invite during the intitial wave. Just be happy we get to play.

[edit] LOVE the beta...but my favorite part about being selected is not having to check my goddam bnet account 3 times a day anymore :D
Interesting points; it a shame I cannot really comment on this. It is mostly due to those bugs not being an issue since I have been playing the beta (which has been longer than the average persons, although plenty of people have had it longer than myself).

I can comment though on the server lag. People should realize that Blizzard is pretty much using just a single server for the beta. Which is also why any Australian players will have an average ping from 250-300. This is first time Blizzard has truly stress tested the servers, prior to this, the downtime and server issues were not due to just massive amounts of players. So there will be hiccups and issues, which is not surprising with the amount of players logging on and off.

When the game releases though, unless there are other hardware issues (which I presume there wont be, although I always worry about achievements being broken like with Sc II). Are there still bugs? Yes, are there still minor issues? Yes, just hope they can be ironed out in time.

Let me guess: most of you who are trying to bite my head off did not read either one of my posts. Sigh...
02/03/2012 01:39 PMPosted by D3BETA
wow... reading some of the replies to the original poster makes me think this whole world depopulation thing isnt such a bad idea after all.

Oh, you too ? It's pretty !@#$in sad, isn't it ?

I see retarded people, everywhere.

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