Stunlock / CC Build


This is a build focused on incapacitating enemies for as long as possible with Scorpion Sting and Self Reflection. Breath of Heaven provides burst healing if too much damage is taken in between CCs and is also a CC when runed to Penitent Flame.

To keep the spirit generation as high as possible, Mantra of Healing and Sweeping Wind were fitted with golden runes. This also gives the opportunity to start every fight at full spirit. Additionally, since a two-hander is optimal for this build and much spirit is required to spam Scorpion Sting, the Guardian's Path was taken as a passive.

A major weakness of this build is the lack of damage reduction, one could imagine a scenario where the monk loses control of the fight (i.e. is stunned) and is overrun, consequently I've decided to pick up the passive Pacifism to avoid such a bad outcome.

I chose Mantra of Healing, but Conviction would be good for this build as well. I think Mantra of Healing is the more conservative and controlled option though that allows for healing up when the enemies are CC'ed.

For a little 'omph I've included crimson runed Seven-Sided Strike for some additional dps in an overall low DPS build.
The golden rune on sweeping wind seems better fitted for dual wielding (since you need to have 3 stack = 9 hits to get the regen benefit), yet you mention planning to use a 2h weapon.

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