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Demon Hunter
I have played all the classes through the beta multiple times. So far there seems to be a decent amount of balance among the classes at lvl 13, including the demon hunter. Although, from about lvl 6 through 11 the demon hunter seemed to be by FAR the weakest of the classes. I was having far more trouble handling mobs at these levels. Once I got past this point the demon hunter became much more powerful and balanced out with the other classes. Very fun to play though. What do you guys think?
I haven't played all of the classes just the 3 ranged / magic ones, but I thought the Demon Hunter was by far the easiest. I could tank with no problems and my DPS was higher then anyone else respectively. I thinks its just you do better which the character that speaks to you.
The demon hunter was the first class I played, first to 13, and the first I tried to overgear, so my opinion might be biased.

The demon hunter does feel underpowered in terms of stopping power, or emergency crowd clearing, but in no way is less fun or imbalanced for it. If anything, it puts me in the mindset of a demon hunter. All other classes have been training for all their lives to be powerful, but the demon hunter is no more than than a simple human. They cannot stand toe to toe with a demon, they have not mastered themselves to eliminate pain and fear, they have no powerful magic at their call, or the blessings of the unformed world. They rely on traps, explosives, and adrenaline to even stand a chance.

Back to a gameplay point of view, it looks like they should drastically improve as the gear becomes better. I'd like to say they'll scale slightly faster than other classes, but without any knowledge of full D3, I can't say for sure.

I used Caltrops, Evasive Shot, and Chakram which worked surprisingly well against everything but uniques and bosses. Due to the low Hatred cost, you can spam these and mow down crowds of mobs with ease.

Never intended to use Chakram, but I wanted to get a feel of all the skills available, for occasions like this (feedback). Give it a try.

* The Male Demon Hunter looks like a Deathly Ill, Anorexic Teenager... /sigh

Just got into the beta yesterday and finished the skeleton king this morning. I made it to level 9 and crafted a bunch of gear and stuff but for the most part felt relatively bad-!@#. The only mobs that caught me off guard was early on I got surrounded by an elite and few trash mobs.

I mostly used rapid fire, chakram, and bola shot. I agree with the poster about the feel of the demon hunter as being more adrenaline driven than the wizard I started. Though, I have been playing Skyrim as of late and it is most definitely slower.
I had a lot of trouble, pre-caltrop. And then again, when I outgrew my weapons.
at level 13 i use entagling shot, bola, vault and chakram. i destroy big mobs in seconds with chakram. against the SK though dont do that much dps. but if i use rapid fire with shadow power and the passive skill vengeance, i do a ton of single target damage. but rapid fire just isnt as fun so i dont use it. i might once the real game comes out and i have 6 abilities to use instead of 4. but we'll see. ive found the demon hunter to be the most fun out of all the classes.
with the monk i dodge everything, but with the demon hunter i never get touched. the demon hunter is the most fun of all the classes, might be because they have 2 resources while the others have 1. and the second resource is dedicated to support while the first just for attacks. i had the least trouble going through with the monk, but the most fun with the demon hunter. after you learn to use DH in beta, you can never be touched again.
completely agree with OP.

level 1-11 for DH are the worst. Level 12 is an absolute game-changer and makes DH the most fun of the 5 classes, imo.
I had no trouble with DH's. Never came close to dying, never came close to 75% of health for that matter. I think DH's are beasts, def one of my favorite classes
I would say I destroyed the Skeleton King the easiest with the DH. Bola shot, Rapid Fire, and Elemental Arrow. As long as you have hatred rapid fire is like a dps hose.

Also my initial desire was to play monk when the game came out, now that I have played the Demon Hunter I am heavily leaning that way. The gameplay was just so fun to me.
The DH just has a very steep ramp up time before they become effective. Its all in the weapons though and once you get that first Warden Bow or w/e its called, things really start to look up from there. DH is probably my 2nd favorite class (tied with barb, Monk is first).
Until i got Chakrum DPS was slow but afterwards AOE wasent a problem. At 13 I think DH is one of the more powerful classes.
completely agree with OP.

level 1-11 for DH are the worst. Level 12 is an absolute game-changer and makes DH the most fun of the 5 classes, imo.

Completely agree, I had to force myself to finish off the DH but now I love it def gonna be my main when the game goes live
Don't really agree here..

Finished the beta at level 10, and never even came close to dieing, let alone have any problems wiping out mobs.

I used caltrop+entangling shot+chakram the whole time and mobs just die sooo quick with that..

Entangling shot was more or less useful in this case, but Chakram is just ridiculously strong and you can spam it for a long time before running out of hatred.

What were you guys using to find the DH weak before level 12?
The DH is the most powerfull char imo @lvl13 and patch 11/12. I played all chars to max and no one is so fast with killing mobs or here:
Came here looking for a thread like this!

DH was my second char. I've maxed her and a wizard, barb, and monk. Have a WD at 10 right now. My wizard seems to demolish everything without blinking an eye, and that with all MF gear. My poor DH never dies, but she just can't clear through mobs with the ease of the other chars.

Maybe it's my play style, but it seems the other chars have good ways of dealing large amounts of damage to mobs pretty quickly (e.g. wave of force) while the DH doesn't have any one single, powerful skill.
The Demon Hunter is definitely the most difficult character to start with. It's a LOT easier to start with another class and find some low lvl gear for this class prior to playing.
As previously stated, I think it's a operator error.

Before level 7 is pretty easy. Seeing as how Impale takes out pretty much everything in a second. In Pub with 3 other players. It gets much harder ofc.

Your spam skill should be a decent Hatred builder. I use Evasive fire.

Your second skill should be optimum output dealer. I use Rapid Fire.

Following that you should always carry a Discipline skill. To snare or vault, whatever. I use Caltrops.

Evasive fire has build in vault, your point is to build Hatred, not do maximum amount of damage. Imaple therefore, is useless. I'd only go Impale if I had so much damage I can manage to take everything out with just that. Really never the case in co-op, unless you were able to get 30+ weapons or just replaying from beginning.

Everything else is self explanatory. Chakram is strong but slow, I'd only get that to get a slight boost in attack every so often.

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