+Elemental Damage and Skill Damage

Items and Crafting
Does anyone know how +cold or +lightning damage effects character skill damage?

I found some items that have +2-3 cold damage, does that get accounted in my damage for skills like arcane orb?

Does it account for melee skills?

If it does get included, is it added before or after the skill %? So is it (Damage + elemental damage) * skill % or is it (Damage * Skill %) + elemental damage?

Does anyone know?
I just got into the beta and started wondering this myself as I tried using my wizard. I asked the question out loud on a video I'm making (not uploaded yet) as I play through as well and didn't really find an answer. My assumption is no, it does not help with skills that do not actually use the weapon.

For Barbarians, monks, and demon hunters, they might see it add damage as their weapons directly affect their skills (they use their weapons in those skills).

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