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This was my only problem I had with the beta. I have played through it with the witch doctor, Monk and now Demon hunter. I only have to use maybe 2 hp pots, and I bet if I ran away I would have been fine.

I think the HP globe drops need to be nerfed slightly. They drop far to often.
I don't think I even used a potion on blood raven on my first character.

And in D3, potions have cooldowns.

The START of the game's difficulty has definitely been made easier. This is to get more people to start playing the game and learn it. People get frustrated if the START of a game is challenging for them, because in their mind, it will only get harder after that.

The mid/end of a game should definitely be challenging. if it's not, I'll be back to rip them on it.

But the start of a game, leave it easy, it's for beginners for a reason.
02/03/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Tavus
Everything is ridiculously OP within the context of the Beta. You can literally one shot, AOE everything once you hit lvl 10.

So you can one-shot things that you out gear and out level? Sounds like a well designed RPG. I'd hate to think that after levelling and gearing up I couldn't kill enemies far beneath me with ease.

I never said it wasn't a well designed RPG. My point was the Beta is supposed to be very easy, and since it is very easy, nearly everything is OP because everything is so effective against the incredibly easy challenges the game offers.

And being level 10 doesn't really out gear or out level the SK run. It's in the upper range of what you should be to run it, but it's not obviously out levelling it.
02/03/2012 12:59 PMPosted by Nabore
Taking it one step further, most characters cannot even kill Duriel if you didn't stop to level and obtain gear.

Duriel was only threatening because the lag you experience when entering his chamber means he's already hitting you before you start playing.

He's easier on single-player, and easier still with an Act 2 merc that you give a thawing potion to - such a merc can basically solo little d.
Life regen per second is obnoxiously overpowered. Only so many monster can hit you at once, and with just three regen items I was able to endlessly fight the skeleton king without attacking him.

I would just leave my computer sometimes and come back to a dozen mobs beating on me in any of the dungeons.

It's completely overpowered.

Try saying all this while in Inferno mode.
/sigh And I refer yet another to my thread I made just to avoid these posts:

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