grenades should be hatred spender

Demon Hunter
I've been playing the demon hunter (my favorite class) and I can't understand why grenades are what they are.

1. They are very weak.
2. You can spam them like crazy. Which is annoying when you play online with grenade lovers (I don't care if it's diablo 3, throwing 50 grenades in less than 1 minutes is just out of the park crazy unrealistic.)

I mean, we all have these preconceptions on what grenades are, based on what we've seen, heard or read about them.
I always imagined grenades to be.
1. super crazy damage.
2. can't be spammed like crazy.
3. are difficult to use. (and they are difficult to use in Diablo 3, so thank you)
4. since they are so powerful, they should be hatred spenders with cooldown.

So anyone agree that grenades should be stronger?
Cluster Arrow fills that role. I think grenades are nice, i have no issue with it.
I agree, bola shot should also be a spender for many of the same reasons. The problem is what abilities do you then move over to be generators. I like a slightly weaker impale as a generator but i cant really think o f a good second one from the spenders list. Maybe fan of knives.

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