D3 Superbowl

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I think threads like this just show how desperate people are getting for a release date.
LOL!!! Another thread like that... NO!!! NO!!! AND NO!!!!
Blizzard has the money if they wanted to have a SB spot. Activision just made millions from COD 3, granted that goes back into the next game. But Activision = Blizzard = $$$ to spent if they feel the need.

I'm really hoping for a SB spot. What a better way to reach millions that might just need a push to say, that was f@$&ing awsome.

If the game is to be released by end of March.... I bet you'll see a SB spot.
All of you people saying " why would blizzard waste money for superbowl time " do realize they had a cata commercial during superbowl last year... right?

I doubt money is an issue for blizzard, and alot of gamers will be watching the superbowl, almost everyone will be watching the superbowl. ITS THE SUPERBOWL!!

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