Surprised you can't rotate view

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I figured this would be something that would be introduced as a foothold on new technology vs D1/D2.

I'm fine with the fixed camera angle, as the previous games were the same way.

The game is looking bad !@# tho! Blizzard is delivering finely polished products as usual.
The game wouldn't be the same with a rotatable camera imo. They could have done it I'm sure, but I don't really see the point.

I'm enjoying beta too, though. Lots of people said they got bored so I took that as an opportunity to not play very often so it lasts a bit longer.
I think I would freak out if I could rotate the camera, theres something about it that just seems fundamentally wrong.
Generally speaking I think more options is usually better. However, I'm also a fan of stylized and in some cases narrowed scope games.

If you think of D3 as being directed more like a movie, it's important that the player see's the world the way the developer intended. With a fixed view, it's much easier for the developer to tailor the game play and give the player a much more focused experienced.

Given the above, I believe that the limited view in D3 is a good thing and improves the game.

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