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I just recently got invited to the Beta and have only seen a ring with 3-4dmg once and mostly 2-3dmg. I've seen people saying they had rings with over 10 damage on them, but most of them were from a few patches ago. I was just wondering what the highest DMG people had on their ring/ammy's now and maybe even what their highest DPS looks like.
you can get 3-9's easily enough.
the 4-12 stuff only drops from SK area with the highest ilvl for beta.

checking the AH will show you what is considered "common" trading wise

even with stats compartmentalized between classes, crit/precision changes...
a dual slingshot weidling lvl 13 DH should be able to hit over 200 dps provided you have some good All dex rolls as well as some 3-9 jewelry... 300 if they really got good stuff
( not familiar with other classes, just dh)
I've only seen up to 2-3. What's with these people finding GOOD stuff? I've got MF and multiple SK runs and I've only ever come across garbage.
i heard someone had 5-7 dmg. not sure if that is true tho.
i have been in beta for 3 month and since last update i didnt get anything good i use to be able to get good ring of wounding but after like 20 full clean of beta i haven seen any ring of wounding better then 2-3 dmg maybe just bad luck but its certainly harder then before to get anything over lvl 5 now i seem to always get lvl 4 or lower stuff no matter how many run i do
3-9's are patch 9,

2-3 is now the normal, with amulets showing 3-5 on the AH currently.., so I'd assume the best rings can get that IF they come from the returned and you get amazingly lucky

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