Azmodan, Lord of Sin Wants To Take Throne

Lore and Story
From video, it looks like Azmodan has found a portal to Sanctuary where he wants to find the black soulstone in order to become the leader in hell. He mentions wanting it in his speech and the 7 thrones are all taken except for the one in the middle that is elevated. I assume he imagines himself in that throne once he finds the black soulstone.

This being said, there could be a 2nd civil war amongst demons when the Prime Evils find a way out of the Abyss. It would really make for an interesting story.
Unless the Black Soulstone lets him change his form to something a bit more humanoid, I doubt he'll be sitting on a throne any time soon.

But yeah, that does seem to me that they're going in that direction.
Yeah who exactly are those guys? On the 6 other thrones? I thought the Prime evils were the leaders? And from what he says, it seems like those other guys are.
The prime are the leaders and thats why Azmodan wants to take throne lol
The guys on the thrones could be the Sins which Azmodan represents, dont get me wrong though, im not saying that they are the 7 capital sins, but they could be sins.

The prime evils should be somehow in a state of dormance since the last events.
Some would think they are dead forever, what i dont agree.

So azmodan want to take control of hell and using the Black soulstone, taking his position as the Prime Evil. But it seems Belial wants to create some difficulties for him, since both were fighting for control over the BH for a loong time.

The conversation in with Azmodan talks and Leah just hear, sounds to me like it was actually Azmodan Talking with Belial and his traps while leah just watches the show.
Interesting. It is possible that he is talking with Belial. I was wondering why he accused her of the traps.
It says in the Book of Cain that the Prime and Lesser status is only given to them by humans, they're not really weaker or stronger than one another.

The Lesser Evils banished the Prime Evils to Sanctuary for ignoring the war between heaven and hell, and spending too much time messing with humans.

Later, 2 of the Lesser Evils teamed up to help out the Prime Evils, thinking that if they gain their favor now, if they ever come back to hell they won't be in trouble. Luckily they were killed in D2.

This brings me to D3, the remaining 2 Lesser Evils have come up with the same idea, I believe, and are trying now to resurrect the Prime Evils in order to gain their favor, or in order to take over Sanctuary, which they may have only just realized is key to the eternal war between heaven and hell.

Edit: Or the remaining 2 Lesser Evils are not back to the Prime Evils or Sanctuary, but rather the Black Soul Stone.
If I remember correctly, Azmodan has attempted to usurp the Prime Evils (or at least just Diablo) for leadership of Hell before the events of the Dark Exile even took place.

The Prime Evils actually intended to be driven into Sanctuary, so they could bait Tyrael into trapping them in the Soulstones. Whether or not Azmodan and the lesser evils were in on this plot is unclear, and it is also unclear whether or not the Prime Evils were actually defeated or 'threw the fight'.

I also remember reading somewhere that the war between Azmodan and Belial ended fairly quickly with Azmodan seizing control of hell after the Dark Exile.

I think what Azmodan means by becoming "The Prime Evil" is using the Black Soulstone to absorb the other 'evils' and become as powerful as Tathamet, the Prime Evil whose seven heads formed the greater and lesser evils as we know them, and whose body formed the Burning Hells.
The Evils were often in as much a state of civil war amongst themselves as they were in war against the Angels.

Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal tricked the Lesser Evils into Banishing them to Sanctuary so that they could carry out their ulterior plan of corrupting the Worldstone, and in doing so turn humanity into an army of Nephalum under Hell's control.

However, during the 250 years after the exile, Hell still remained in a state of Civil war, primarily with a conflict between Azmodan and Belial whom each wanted to assume control of all of Hell. After the events of Diablo 2, both Andarial and Duriel have been taken out of the picture as well, leaving (for now) just Azmodan and Belial to war over control of Hell itself.

Except now it has come to light that there is another soulstone, a Black Soulstone, which possesses the power to imprison ANY angel or demon (the original stones were created specifically for each demon they were meant to capture). With the Black Soulstone, Azmodan could potentially imprison Belial, and then assume command of all of the Burning Hells, uniting all of their various armies under one leader. Arguably making them more powerful in the conflict against The Heavens.

I believe he is addressing Leah in her capacity as the Last of the Horadrim. The Horadrim being the ones whom hid the Black Soulstone.

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