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If we are one of the many who signed up for wow for a year, and get the free copy of D3, is there a way to pay the difference and upgrade to the collector's edition somehow? I'd love to have it, but it wouldn't make sense to have access to a free copy, and then have to turn around and reserve ANOTHER copy for the collector's edition. :)
Someone asked this at last year's Blizzcon 2011 Q&A, and they responded that they had already discussed the issue and had plans in the works to give purchasers of the Collector's Edition a WoW game time credit to compensate for some of its cost.

Edit: That credit would count toward the 12 months, from what they said.
Makes perfect sense if you look at it from a business perspective. People who get the annual pass only get the normal game, if they want the CE they have to pay the full price to get it and they end up with two copies of the game. More money for Blizz.

They haven't said anything about CE in the annual pass so I can only assume this is the case.

What if I purchase the Diablo III Collector's Edition?

If you decide to purchase the Diablo III Collector's Edition when it's available, and then choose to add your Collector's Edition license key to the account associated with your existing World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion, you will receive all of the benefits associated with the Collector's Edition, plus receive four months of World of Warcraft game time which is eligible towards your 12-month subscription commitment. After you purchase the Diablo III Collector's Edition you just need to input the product key into the account associated with your World of Warcraft 12-month commitment and that account will then receive the next 4 months of World of Warcraft game time for free. For example, if you already had a month of game time on the associated World of Warcraft account when you input your Diablo III Collector's Edition product key, it would then be 5 months until your next subscription payment was due.

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