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So, unfortunately I did not have access to the Beta but I'm curious on leveling/levels per Act/Difficulty. I see that people can achieve level 13 in Act1 of Normal alone. Did they increase experience gained in the beta or is this the normal rate? If this is the normal rate, then are other Acts shorter or do you think it just takes a good amount of quests/time to gain levels to expand into other Acts/Difficulties? I wonder what the breakdown will be? For example: Act1 HELL will only level you once or twice... Any thoughts?
Looks like the late-night community is few...
I think it's normal. The first 5 levels (1-6) happen within the first 10 minutes. Then the next 5 (6-11) over an hour or so. The last 2 (11-13) take forever. Usually, it takes around 3 hours to go move up 12 levels from level 1 to level 13. Of course, this is very much exaggerated, since everyone is grinding levels where they are not supposed to be. You usually finish the SK run at around level 8. If you went around and killed every little thing, you could potentially be at level 10. After level 10, the experience offered by the enemies in that area is simply too low, and thus the sudden growth in time for the last two levels.
I forget the exact numbers but blizz at some point has said something like:

norm = levels 1-30
nightmare = 30-50
hell = 50-60
The intended lvling is 1-30 in normal, 30-50 in nightmare and 50-60 in hell. I doubt its an even split for levels per act, e.g. i dont think youll be getting to lvl 15 as you finish act 2, probably close to the finish of act 1/start of act 2.

I think D2 is actually a good example in this regard. You can expect the early lvls to come quickly, but the rate at which you lvl up will drastically slow down the higher you get.
You should be around lvl9 by the time you first kill skeleton king

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