+ dmg vs. + dex - which is better?

Demon Hunter
So, I'm a little confused by the in-game tooltip. In the recent changes, Blizzard said that +dex would increase the damage done by demon hunters and monks. However, I recently did a little experiment with + dmg rings vs. + dexterity rings, and here's what I found (based on the in-game DPS calculator).

Base DPS = 65 (all my armor's on a different toon)

When I added a simple Ring of Wounding (+2-3 damage), my DPS went up 12.5 points to 77.5. However, when I added a generic ring that had +1 dexterity on it, my DPS went up .62 to 65.62. In other words, in order for a ring with + dex on it to equal a ring with + damage, it would need to have at least 6.72 (make it 7) dexterity for each +1 damage (12.5/3 = 4.16 increase in DPS per +1 damage; 4.16/.62 = 6.72). So, according to these calculations, you'd need a ring with +21 dexterity before it's better than a ring with +3 damage.

Am I missing anything here? Because if these numbers are right, then it looks like Demon Hunters and Monks should be staking + damage, not + dexterity...
I'm not quite sure how the numbers are calculated in game, but the +damage rings probably add their damage to base so that any multipliers make it that much better.

It also might be that +dex will scale better than +dmg for DH and monk, maybe not, idk if anybody knows yet.

I think ideally, we'll get items with BOTH +dmg and +dex on it in the end.
+dmg just owns every other stat in the beta right now, it's ridiculous

I don't know how people find gear with +dmg in the teens or twenties... as seen on youtube...
Early on I would think that +dmg would be superior, but as you get stronger they may start to converge. You also have to take into account the fact that the stat does more than just damage. +dex for the DH increases the damage multiplier and dodge.
+damage sources are added before (skills/stats/buffs) as if they are part of the weapon

1-4 weapon with 2-3 ring and 3-5 amulet; is like a 6-12 weapon

100 dex creates +100%ed so you do 12-24
a 10% passive buffs (steady aim) multiplicative, augments you to 13 - 26
Dexterity now is what attack used to be.

For every 10 base average damage you do (weapon damage + damage mods), 10 Dex equals +1-1 damage.

So at 20 base damage 10 dex equals +2-2 damage.
At 30, 10 dex equals +3-3.

Those are only base +damage values. The +damage stat itself gets more valuable as dex increases, by +1% per point of Dex. So if you have 100 Dex, your +damage is twice as valuable (+100%).

The biggest factor, honestly, is item slot. Weapons and some other items can have 20 or more dex on them, while rings are more +damage friendly.
Thanks for the replies guys! This makes much more sense now.

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