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I agree with you, Blizzard, i don't want you to delay the game either, but i gotta ask why you keep taking out all the cool things that you promised us? I know it may take some time to implement all these systems and get it just right for us, but if they aren't ready then why did you guys schedule for a release back in 2011 and then delay it? WTF if you guys were ready for it then but then decided to push it back what changed in the team? what happened to we want all this stuff in there then a month after the push back you guys are like ehhh idk it doesnt seem that cool anymore guys right? ya lets just say we dont wanna push it back...

Seriously what have you guys been working on for the past 3 years if just now you guys are saying we can't put this in? I'm not crying or whinning i am just like WTF? There are companies that push out pretty good games every year...and you guys had 3 well 10 to be exact, because lets be honest, we all knew you were gunna make a third one...because you couldn't just leave it at that.. I know you guys want it to be perfect, but theres a point in the process that you need to stop and realize maybe we are OVER-analyzing things and just taking out stuff that would be great in the game...10 years is plenty of time to make a perfect Diablo 3 and include everything you promised, and 3 years is also enough time to make it the way you want it and include all the cool features.

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