well-rounded group-friendly monk?

After watching the play-through videos by Force, I might be tempted to start a monk over a barbarian to begin with. They seem to have a lot of versatility and survivability.

Here's a build I came up with:

Resolve Dmg reduction
Transcendence Life leach based on spirit dumping
Chant of Resonance extended mantras + spirit regen

Spirit Generating:

Deadly Reach-Keen Eye a ranged (albeit short) spirit generator with armor buff
Crippling Wave-Breaking Wave main dmg attack with 3 debuffs: dmg taken, movement speed and attack speed

Spirit Spending:
Lashing Tail Kick-Vulture Claw Kick main dmg dealer boosted with ruin (AoE too)
Dashing Strike-Blinding Speed very useful and spammable distance closer w/ nice dodge buff, only 2 second buff, but since this is spammable you can have it up often

I went with two mantras for added versatility and situations.
Mantra of Evasion-Hard Target - used against melee types with nice armor buff
Mantra of Healing-Time of Need - either can be used against caster types with nice resistance buff OR used mid battle for group life regen - can be spammed every 3 seconds for 500% increase in life regen if needed

One thing I might change - I may be able to swap between those two mantras as necessary mid-battle - what is the (time) penalty for doing so? If penalty is too severe or feasibility difficult, will just leave them both in the build.
Some interesting changes, but do you need two slows?

I'd keep Alabaster from CW for the dmg taken debuff
Also I'm still a big fan of resistances since I feel that is the one weakness of most melee type toons. Given that I can give 35% resistance across the board to my group mates seems huge:


Changed up the passives to give me a 2nd life and 100 increase in spirit from 200 to 300. The +100 spirit seems pretty huge compared to what the other classes get to increase their pools.

Just looked it up, Demon Hunters have a passive that increases their hatred from 100 to 50.

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