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Go ahead, dig up a SINGLE quote of Q1 2012, should be easy since there are a bunch according to you.....Oh wait, there isnt a single one now is there?Jan 1st - March 31st is Q1"Early" easily could mean May.

"@Bashiok Was it a slip of the tongue when you said D3 is aiming for a Q1 release or did "early 2012" always translate to Q1?

@Bashiok Bashiok

@Skillsh0t Just a mistake on my part. Q1 is definitely more literal, so I suppose I should correct it."
they said no release for the march quarter. so is that q1 or q2?

Bungie? o.O
02/09/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Attila

Yeah, especially after all their useless community managers tell us crap about "Early 2012" and "Q1 2012"

Whoops! Not either one of those! Thanks guys! Soon means "Much later than you think"

Don't forget "Sooner than you think". Yeah right.

LOL I remember that one....-.- they are so full of sh*& you can see the brown in their eyes
lol @ skylanders never even heard of it...
02/09/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Moardotss
All they give a !@#$ is about COD, call of duty this, call of duty that....unfuc*ing believable

that's because its one of their largest money makers.
So much "New bungie IP." WHAT DO. D:
also, deckard, calm down. conference call isn't over. if d3 is only coming out q2, April 1st is still q2.
Expecting diablo 3 to be releasing on Q2.... so still a long way to go
Erm........Read bold?

I like how that's the kind of bull!@#$ answer you present when you were proven wrong in every way by a quote I grabbed from google instantly. How about you read what Blizzard is telling it's customers before you argue in the future.
I give up....
According to who?May is before the halfway mark of the year, that could easily be "early"......This is BLIZZARD guys, this is not exactly something "new" to anyone who has been paying attention for the last 15+ years....

It doesn't even matter, because I just SHOWED you Bashiok said "Q1 is a more literal release date." I love how theres people who totally ignore writing.

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