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Don't disappoint me, Mike. >:c much time has passed after the anounced the fifth class?
and how many months of beta will there be? i cant remember a game that has been on beta that much.
Q2 Launch its on the screen
Blizz talking! xD
The slide says Targeting Q2 launch for D3 :/
It says Targeting Q2 Launch
Q2 launch gg

That's a good thing
02/09/2012 02:09 PMPosted by D3BETA

it says on that card "targeting quarter 2" for diablo 3
Noooo!!! Q2 Why? Why? Why???
I was second
02/09/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Lazarus
Q2 Launch its on the screen

Q2 launch it's over.

Expect Diablo 3 in August or September or October.
Is Q2 really a surprise to anyone? It would be at least a few months after a real release date anyways. There was no hope for Q1 anymore.

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