Grenades Ability

Demon Hunter
The Grenades ability seems to get Blocked a TON from mobs with shields.

Is this working as intended/imagined? Is there directional recognition for where damage comes from? Should there be if there isn't?

Say a shield may in fact be able to mitigate or block an explosion from the front, but certainly not from the back or sides. If D3 is going with the same blocking scheme as D2, it's a %chance based on shield chance and dexterity and applicable to most projectiles and attacks.

But, to stay on topic, Grenades seem to be blocked disproportionately more than any other projectile -- which I've hardly noticed being blocked under any circumstances. This is using a lot of bola shot, chakram, elemental arrow, etc. and then suddenly seeing *block* *block* *block* from grenades.
Maybe 'cause they're so weak now, being a generator. Still sounds bad.
It seems potent to me. As a generator, Grenades are fully spammable and I love that you can choose either short or long range with a single ability. Try gathering up as big of a pack of mobs as possible and spamming grenades - you'll be able to wipe them out easily enough. With the mobility DH has from the cartwheel thing, that's actually pretty safe and easy to do.

In general, I'm just getting more confused as to how block is working in the game.
gernades are the best for barrels and pots.. otherwise id stick to main attacks for monsters.

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