Balanced monk - thoughts?

Interested to hear thoughts on this build. Tried to find a happy balance between single target and AOE damage, mobility/positioning, healing, crowd control, and damage mitigation.!aed!cYbccb

Gear would focus first on crit chance and attack speed. Other useful stats would be dex, movespeed, and lifesteal.

1. Blazing fists - use as much as necessary to keep up attack/move speed
2. Piercing trident - use for more dangerous targets, and with improved movespeed you can position yourself well and line up for some AOE
3. Self reflection - nice crowd control with low spirit cost. this build will do single target damage well, so easy to pick-off one mob at a time while others are blinded
4. Circle of protection - works very well with piercing trident, seems like an obvious inclusion
5. Soothing breeze - a nice spirit dump for an otherwise low spirit usage build. use for healing, high damage, or ideally both. nice oh sh#t button
6. Reclamation - nice damage boost, plus great healing since high attack speed

For passives, I went with ones for survivability. Resolve and pacifism seem to be strong damage mitigation, especially when getting cc'ed. I wasn't sure about the third passive, but I went with exalted soul because I like the idea of keeping a large spirit pool reserve as much as possible. Whenever you encounter a unique + minions, this will allow a few casts of cyclone strike. Sixth sense was tempting since I will go for high crit chance, but the goal of this build is to try and avoid things even getting attacks off at you.

I would be curious if this monk could stand "toe-to-toe" with some of the more tougher uniques. I figure spamming blazing fists + self reflection (miss chance) + circle of protection + resolve + life steal from reclamation + soothing breeze would be a lot for a mob to overcome.
I'm sure that this build will work, but because its damage output is pretty low you might end up pecking at enemies for a long time before they actually die. Just small things like changing the runes on both Cyclone and Hundred Fists to crimson will help you out. Cyclone on crimson also gives you damage other than physical, which you were lacking. And if you swap exalted soul with One With Everything, you'll really have an advantage when choosing gear because like it says, if you max one resist you max all. This will allow you to pick more damage centric gear.

I'd also like to recommend changing from blinding flash and pacifism to obsidian breath of heaven and guiding light, but that one gets rid of any blind effects so it's up to you.

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