Are hatred generators necessary? (a build)

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Here is a build that I just came up with. It is based on high survivabilty for PVM. Will spend a lot of my play time playing cooperative with my brother's wizard who will have a few control abilities of his own(frost nova and slow time prob).

Hatred Spenders:
Rain of Vengeance (Anathema)- It's an awesome fire and forget move on a 30 second cooldown. It seems to be good for both AoE and single target.

Chakram (Boomerang)- this is my primary single target ability. The way I see it is that I would be able to fire 2.5 Chakrams instead of a single impale. It also can hit multiple targets so that is a plus.

Strafe (Demolition)- I really like the ability to continue doing damage while moving. The crimson rune seems to turn the move into more of and AoE ability and makes it more demanding on the Hatred. I like being able to dodge incoming projectiles while continuing my barrage of attacks.

Smoke Screen (Breathe Deep)- The purpose of this ability is twofold: survivability and hatred generation.

Caltrops (Hooked Spines)- Maybe the best snare in the game? Also with the Numbing Traps passive, provides a 30% damage reduction for my party for 3 seconds.

Sentry (Guardian Turret)- This ability will provide some extra damage and an additional 26% damage reduction to my party.

Passive Skills:
Custom Engineering- This doubles the duration of Caltrops and Sentry to preserve discipline for more use of smoke screen.

Numbing Traps- Provides a damage reduction with Caltrops.

Vengeance- The only passive I am really attached to. I really like the bigger hatred pool. The extra hatred and discipline from health globes will be invaluable. Using Strafe, I can continue doing damage while picking up health globes. With Smoke Screen, I can swoop in and pick up health globes next to bosses and elites without being in danger.

I know some of these may be based off of speculation, but let me know what you think.

1. Do you think I will be starved of hatred with Smoke Screen and health globes as my only means of generation? I can see how Strafe with the crimson rune could be expensive.

2. Will I be able to drops Caltrops while invisible? I know in the tool tip for the Witch Doctor's similar ability, Spirit Walk, it explains that using any other ability will break the effect.

3. Is Sentry destructible? Is it mobile?

4. Will Guardian turret and numbing traps damage reduction stack? If not I will probably change the rune to Aid Station, but that 56% damage reduction looks tasty.

Possible changes:
Drop Sentry for a hatred generator. Drop a passive for fundamentals.

Thanks for reading, and please give me some feedback if you have some spare time. Remember, this build is primarily for Demon Hunter and Wizard Co-op.
I think disc will be a problem along with hatred. you'll have to pop smokescreen when its not necessary just for hatred gen and thats half your disc for enough hatred to fuel one rain and strafe.

maybe drop strafe/sentry/chakram to get multishot with alabaster to get some faster discipline generation to keep smoke screen generating hatred.

I guess depends on gear on later levels maybe if they have stuff that adds discipline or faster disc/hatred regen it could stand as is.
I see that dropping Strafe for an alabaster Multishot would be a great option. I'll keep that in mind.

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