Aussie BETA testers PLZ tell us hows the LAG?

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Id just like to know if there are any Aussie Beta testers out there and how is the latency with the Game thus far?
I tend to believe Aussie Beta testers are a myth at this point as the only Beta testers Ive encountered to date have been from Gaming community sites and they get Beta keys thrown at them to give away.
Im genuinely hoping Blizzard have finally come up with a solution to the terrible Lag we have to endure. It has made it impossible for me to enjoy WoW anymore with Latency consistently around 1000ms+(for the last 2 months that no one seems to be able to help with) I can no longer enjoy my game so I no longer play.

So any Aussies out there playing let us know, the rest of us Aussies are chewing our nails praying for minimal Lag so give us the good news.
Hey there! There are a few Aussies that got in via opt-in so don't fear they are testing! I am not one myself, but here is a link to a video that shows how Blizzard has been working on this and that latency will not be as large of an issue in D3. Hope this helps settle some fears!
I just logged in to test it for you.

I'm in Adelaide on ADSL 2+.
The game started with a 252ms ping and stabilized at 192ms about 20 seconds later.
I played it for 10 mins and it remained at 192ms the whole time.

The game doesn't feel laggy at all and I get MUCH better ping times compared to WOW.
Thanks for the Link InitialD :) Yeah I had seen i think this video or possibly another same subject and had hear about this spiffy new lower latency game play Blizzard had come up with and I hope it works for us all I would kill for the 233ms he had goin on in his Vid, I know that sounds high but for us or more specifically me that wud be way low I live in Western Australia and thats even further from US servers than say Sydney on the east coast. So im hoping to hear from more Aussies to get a better idea if he just had a fluke or its going to be the norm for us all down here.
Common Aussies if your in Beta give us the goss on the LAG.
OMG your not a MYTH!!!! wow I can only hope for as good Latency over here in WA Dayton and I am extremely jealous of you!!! Ty for testing that :) Im feeling better now !!!
WOHOO Thanks Duckers This is great Im actually starting to believe it might be ok Downunder its looking good for us Aussies/NZ after all.
Im feeling confident this spiffy new system is actually gonna live up to what ive seen on the youtube vids ie what InitialD kindly posted up there ^^^ this is great.
Thanks guys and any more Aussies wanna strengthen our resolve and belief we wont be dragged down by Lag please post your latency for us to cheer for FINALLY YAY :)

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