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In this video a guy says: "A group of us probably spent a good hour wiping on a single boss"

Sounds like some mmo nonsense to me. Does this mean the game won't be soloable? I thought for sure they said it would be.

Difficulty ramps up with more players just like the other diablos.
Probably a rare mob that had crazy affixes

The equivalent of extra fast, extra strong, cursed, fanaticism, in diablo 2 is what I imagined when they said that
It will be soloable. Or that's what they said anyways, lol.
Yes, the game will be soloable. And that boss might still take you an hour to beat.

Also, since you're in the beta, you'll know that when there are more players, the creatures' stats (and who knows, maybe their abilities, later in the game) improve, and I'm pretty sure the hope is that four players would have the same difficulty as one.
I know difficulty ramps up of course but some of the other stuff they said in the video also made me think you would need a group for bosses anyway.
They did say it would be soloable. Monster hit points and other unknown variables are adjusted up or down automatically when people join or leave a game.

That doesn't mean anything will be easy, or guaranteed, particularly if, for example, you rush ahead into a harder difficulty without taking time to level and gear up adequately in the previous one. It just means that where that group in the video spent an hour wiping but may have eventually defeated the boss, you will have solo games where it likewise takes you multiple wipes to defeat a boss.

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