Which Class Will Outperform in Inferno?

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02/12/2012 06:04 AMPosted by D3BETA
lol everyone thinks inferno is going to be extremely hard, it wont be. Once everyone has the top items it will be jus like in Diablo 2. Enigma, Hoto, etc solo baal runs.

pretty much this. they've stated multiple times that the game is soloable from point a to b. that means inferno too. it might take you longer or whatever, but it is. people getting the idea that this game will push the extreme on difficulty is wishing to much.

Yeah, let's forget when they say that you will die constantly in inferno, that hell in D3 is the same difficulty as hell in D2, and inferno is even harder than hell. But no, we KNOW that they're just lying, it'll really be easy. Btw, difficult =/= impossible. Just because you CAN potentially solo inferno doesn't mean it will be easy.
I think ranged classes will. Its just speculation though.
Based on the beta so far, I'd say Monk. Mantra of Evasion and Breath of Heaven are just too powerful.

Of course, it's hard to know how the different classes will scale with gear at level 60, and this isn't taking into account the higher level runed abilities, so I could be completely off. But I can do things with a level 7 Monk that I can barely do with a level 13 Wizard, in terms of fighting packs of rare spawns and bosses completely naked with no gear or weapons.

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