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Are the colors really going to be red, yellow, green, and purple? Purple looks very ugly and out of place if you're only going to have 4 colors. Blue would be the right color, making it red, yellow, green, and blue. I also wouldn't mind seeing more colors because 4 feels very limited.

I prefer the WoW gem system over this current one. Red boosts the 3 primary attributes (Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence), yellow boosts your attack rate, crit chance, or dodge chance, and blue boosts your Vitality. Orange, green, and purple are mixed colors and give stats from what they're mixed with. This gives you the entire rainbow spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).

The helm bonus for Amethyst also needs to be changed, because all of the gems except Amethysts do something different on helms over other gear slots. Since the Mystic is removed, this is also an opportunity to have more interesting helm bonuses like the WoW meta gems.
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really you are going to complain about the gem colors? Okay blizzard got another group of people to appeal to, push release to Q3!!!!
At the very least they can change Amethysts to Sapphires. Purple is just hideous with such a large step change in the color spectrum.
I prefer the Diablo 2 Gem system and stats.
Bashiok already stated(In the Twitter Q&A) that there are many items that are not in the "Game Guide" on this website, and it will be updated sometime in the future. I would suspect that may include gems.
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Have you considered that these are the gems' color in real life?

no more skulls... :( i know they were useless but they looked good
Gems enhance your primary stats or life. The more gems you collect the stronger gem you can make. This makes every gem useful for someone.

WoW gem system has about 75+% useless gems that nobody will ever use. Which is why D3's system is better.

You could have more gems I suppose but for now there is no reason to implement more gems or jewels. That would be a future patch feature or expansion feature.

Actually there's a lot o f issues with your theory here...

1) Although you can potentially upgrade the lowest gem to the highest one, you didn't see people collecting chipped and flawed gems in D2 to upgrade them, only flawless and up to make perfects, and some people collected chips because certain cube recepies used them. You need such a high number to get radiants out of chipped that it's not even worth picking up once you're higher level.

2) Some of the low-mid level gems in WoW are selling for more than the high lvl ones in the AH because nobody farms the lower ones. One clear-cut example are the pearls used for enchanting rods. I had to pay 300g for a black pearl after putting WTB in trade channel for 2 days and searching the AH.


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