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Ive never played Diablo before and tbh the first time Id really paid attn to the game was at last years BLIZZCON 2011. And Boy did I get excited about this game when I watched the Lore Q&A Panels. (Love The Book OF Cain as well)
So having said that I really had no concept of the game mechanics (im a WoW player) now I have a better idea and im wondering is it viable to play with a laptop mouse pad and NO external mouse ? Ive just read spells can be bound to any key so ok thats good.
Ive always played on Laptop on my bed, thats not going to change and im perfectly happy and used to using my multi-touch pad on my Mac.
What Id like to know is, is it possible to play Diablo 3 with my multi-touch mouse pad and not an external mouse?
Wish I had a Beta Key but I don't so I cant try it out myself, so any Beta testers out there who currently do this or can try it if they have a Laptop it would be interesting to hear from you.
It is possible to play D3 that why, but I wouldn't recommend it. That said, i have no experience with playing that way, so it might turn out much better for you.

I just did it for the lulz.
Thanks for trying that out Luminis ... Im pretty used to the track pad now so it just may be easier for me as you say.. I was thinking of binding the keys to like Z X M N or something closer to the track pad so I dont have to take my fingers of the mouse and I can single and double click with just tapping 1 finger or 2 to the mouse pad gotta love the touch pads no clicky.
So long as its possible ill conquer it!!
Thanks again for trying that out :)

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