Is the Barb the same man from D2?

Lore and Story
Seeing how he's the same voice actor, the oldest man in the party, and atleast seems like the same guy...

Why doesn't Deckard remember me? :c
To my recollection nobody aside Michael Gough who voices Deckard Cain been confirmed to have any voice roles for Diablo III. David Thomas who did the Barbarian hasn't been quite active verse his D2 colleague who may return (e.g. James Harper and Paul Eiding). D2 IMDb cast bellow:

  • As to why the aged D3 Barbarian seemingly doesn't "remember" Cain is that he is sadly not the same character. A new old guy IMO who might need a more youthful touch up to distance himself further from his shelved predecessor (or a little WOW character customization feature).
    It was the case when Diablo 3 was announced at Paris as revealed in the initial gameplay video but no more.
    I would be happy if the only thing the male Barbarian gained is an extra option saying "Old Friends" when you try to talk to Cain. Every other detail is secondary.

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