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I can't believe i actually tried to win some of these facebook contests. Waiting around for a question to be posted. I'm not proud, but I'd say I waited for probably an hour multiple times.
Are there any keys available for SEA players?
More giveaways please im like in NEED of a key im past the point of want now that im risking getting trojans by visiting any website with mention of it.....
tried, its like trying to get congress to trim their own hedges.
haha, been there too! But look on the bright side of things. The release is definite and your mind will been filled with all the diablo 3 it can handle. :) im excited are u?
Im way too excited that my mind cant handle the d3 with my overactive imagination going all over the place making me unable to enjoy the trip im on(im in korea since august and til end of may) becuase of my obsession with d3 im hoping for a beta key so i can direct this somewhere and actually let some of this obsession out.

Cause at first i was deliberating whether or not i wanted to preorder seeing as i wont be back in us til end of may, but my obsession turned that into a hell yes ill preorder in matter of few days, then in one more day i was scavenging for CE and now ive preordered CE(from walmart, im guessing it went through cause im not getting any other mails yet) and preordered digital as my new avatar shows
more beta invites please
Kept trying with no disappointed. Looks like the last contest ended today. Please more keys Blizz!
So, any chance of more giveaways/contest?

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