Build: Demon hunter massive AoE

Demon Hunter
For when you have melee attracting most of the mobs~!XVh!ZZYZbZ

1. Enter with Marked for death (Crimson, +30% dmg within 20 yards)
2. Chain Cluster arrow (Crimson, +350% at impact site)
3. If anything gets close, use Rain of Vengeance (Indigo, +300 dmg for 12 seconds) AND then Vault away (Golden, -65% disipline cost)
3a. But if nothing is threatening, use Preparation (Crimson, restores all hatred for 21 discipline) and keep unloading Cluster Arrow
4. If you dont have 21 disipline, and your low on hatred, use ebola shot (Crimson, +11 yards) to keep damage up and regenerate some hatred AND discipline

Note passive skilled geared towards discipline regeneration with crits.. you should get many crits with the crit modifiers and a focus on aoe damage.. add scoundral follower with atonomy and this build might just work out
Looks good, I will probably give it a try later tonight.

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