Diablo approves the use of SuperPACs...

Lore and Story
In the News Today commentators are buzzing about Diablo's latest surge in recent polls. Diablo revealed yesterday that he is in support of using SuperPACs to fund his ongoing campaign in Sanctuary, saying that this is a turning point for humanity, and that we can't afford to let Tyreal win. Invigorated by his latest surge Diablo is running his platform on his base experience as a Lord of Hell for over a millennium. Diablo states that as the Lord of Terror, he has unique qualifications that the other Prime-evils are lacking. Diablo claims furthermore that "terrorists and fundamentalists are not the cause of the problems Sanctuary's citizens face, but are in fact just regular folks like you or I." While some protest Diablo for supporting a Pro-Death agenda, Diablo rails against these accusations, calling the protestors "prejudiced!" He states, "Every person no matter how old or young is entitled to the same treatment, and citizens need to stand up and demand their death benefits," which is met by a cascade of rousing applause. It appears that more and more voters are being persuaded to back Diablo, as there is increasing belief that he may be the only candidate able to defeat Tyreal in the general election.

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