Why do you people want permanent skills?

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I don't see the point in this, I remember when I played Diablo 2 and I always hated the fact that I needed to level-up a new character if I made a mistake or if I didn't like something anymore.

In that time I had a barbarian, first time I got to Sanctuary I decided that 'swords' would be a good choice for weapons so I spent 20 points there, at a later stage I saw that axes were cooler but I already was specialized in swords... so I had 2 choices at this point...expend another 20 points in axes or re-roll the character...Why would I re-roll a character? I loved his name and I also had 'memories' of some epics moments while leveling with friends, I spent a lot of time in him and now I wanted to switch my combat style to two-handed axes but I couldn't...

I feel like these kind of changes cause the same reaction that caused the Raid Finder feature in WoW (for those who don't play WoW, Raid Finder allows player to automatically join a PUG for a raid)
I believe that there always are a bunch of people who likes to be the best in these games but are not happy until they can throw it in the face of someone else.
It is not the fact of being good or just the best but to demonstrate it to the others, you don't get anything good from it but you still want to feel and show that you are better, may be it is because they can accomplish something IRL.

To finish this, Blizzard will always reward hardcore players, this won't be lost, there is no point in doing this, I think that that reward is different now, and I personally believe that it is better and even more challenging...
Two barbarians get into a duel, one defeats the other...
Before: The defeated barbarian would probably argue that his character was already f** up and that was the cause of his failure, but he will never admit that the other player was better.
Now: The defeated barbarian did choices and used his skills in the incorrect order or may be his choices weren't good enough to face the choices of the winner, there is no excuses in this, the character might be f*** up but he always had the chance to change his character.
The good thing is that he still may improve in a later stage instead of re-rolling the character.

Why do you people want permanent skills?

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