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02/28/2012 07:49 AMPosted by Sofia

I respectfully disagree w/ u.
You're getting icecream in the "near future". By your definition a patient child would'nt be tapping his foot yet after 1 month?
Truth is there is no context or scale to base expectations. After being told it was "sooner than you think" several months ago, fans have every right decide what "near future"means w/ out being told they're impatient children.

In the near future is an implication of just that & as I stated "w/in a month" is the near future, the way that you were interperting what I was saying means that "w/in a month" means exactly a month that is very bkack & white thinking. & People are being impatient children because they are taking thins out of context very often just as you were just then, so don't try & defend your actions like that.

Defending what actions exactly? My only point is diablo fans can be excited and hope for a quick release announcement w/ out you calling them impatient children...
Force predicted

I'm very much expecting a release date announcement next week.

If it doesn't happen, I'll be disappointed, but will then expect a release date announcement the next week. It is time.
02/27/2012 10:27 PMPosted by SNES
Force predicted it will come at CeBIT because Bliz will be showcasing D3 there.

Blizzard stated back at the VGA awards that they won't release a date during an event like that. It will be a press release. Posted on the front page of their websites. That's about it.

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