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How it is now:
you level up and a skill or rune unlocks.

What I purpose:
you level up and gain a skill point or rune point.
The skill point can be spent on a choice of the 3 skills nearest to your level.
The rune points awarded can be spent on any 2 of the skill runes nearest to your level.
You choose the order of each three before unlocking the next three.

What this does:
let's us have a sense of permanency in form of the order we choose unlocks.
Still tailors us to correct choices and 'powering up'as we get higher level.
Doesn't punish too much for wrong decisions as you will unlock the specified three before you get more choices.

02/26/2012 05:16 PMPosted by Jacid

This has been discussed ad nauseum:
(Yet Another) Suggestion for New Rune System

It was a good idea - worth discussing - but Blizzard said "no." The following post has a lot of Blue response that basically puts this to bed.

What is the Point of the New Skill Rune System?
And I made pretty much this suggestion here and even more detailed here and you'll notice in that second post Bashiok responded not 2 posts afterwards, completely ignoring it ;)
I don't really see the point in this system. This makes no difference other than the span of any 3 levels. Oooooo you get a skill at level 52 instead of 54.

I'd prefer the current system. Less work and you end up exactly the same.

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