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My question is directly to blizzard on this one. There have been numerous posts about the fiascos that are the current 3rd party give aways.

Many of the issue related to contests that rely on unrealistic technical implications (Like CVG attempt to have ALL contestants hit their website at the same time for a handful of keys) to races to respond to twitter and facebook posts where many contestants wont even see the post to respond to before its too late. (clustered server environments that dont really updated in real time)

Some of the newer issues arising is blatant favouritism in the key distribution. I was on two of the polish sites today and they both have contests that state they are only open to members who have been with the site prior to 2010.

I fully recognize why blizzard gave the keys to the 3rd party sites. It was an extreme act of generosity.. I'm just wondering if there are lessons learned from this experience given so many would be beta testers have encountered so many issues with this approach.

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