What "flavor" of Class would you like to see?

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In a future Expansion, I mean. D3 has probably the most diverse cast yet, but obviously five characters isn't exactly going to cover every kind of "flavor". Obviously, Blizzard will do what they feel is the best direction to go, but it never hurts to have a little fun, right?

Personally, the first thought that jumps into my head is some kind of "Angelic Warrior" or "Crusader". Same type of flavor as a Paladin or Tyrael in terms of aesthetics, but maybe more emphasis on Melee (thinking something like a Zeal-spec Paladin).

Another thing I would probably dig, even if it's not terribly original or even fitting for the Diablo universe, is... Death Knight. I don't know why, I just always loved the flavor of them. Runeblades, Necromantic powers, Gothic armor -- it's like everything I thought was cool when I was 12, rolled into one thing.

Beyond those, I honestly feel like Diablo III covers a surprising amount of bases with the current Classes. I just like the thought of a more traditional "Knight", be he shining and heroic or dark and brooding. As well, how about another male character with red-hair? I loved that about the Druid in D2; we redheads (guys) never seem to get any spotlight, unless it's of the "weird" variety.
a heavily armored Knight class of dark or light would be great choice to have
Italian Plumber, Jedi Knight, Speedy Hedgehog, and Angry Bird.

Truthfully I'm sick to death of heavy knights in RPGs, and the absence of one is one of the things I like most about D3.
I'd like to see a marauder class, wait . . .
forever waiting for that guitar wielding bard
Shield / Spear type class, ala Javazon from D2, but also shield skills Ala Paladin from D2.

Shapeshifting / Druid class, where shapeshifts don't last long but are powerful, and runes change what kind of creature you shapeshift into.
Italian Plumber, Jedi Knight, Speedy Hedgehog, and Angry Bird.

Truthfully I'm sick to death of heavy knights in RPGs, and the absence of one is one of the things I like most about D3.

Fair enough, I suppose; Plate-wearing Knights are definitely pretty common. I suppose, given that Blizzard has really hyped of Tyrael for Diablo III (Mini-Tyrael pet, Tyrael's Charger, D3's CE giving you angel wings), I've kind of bought into the hype. I wants me an Angelic Knight!

But certainly don't fault you for not wanting one :P
Bard. Bards are always found in times of strife and war, either trying to keep up the hopes of people (and make coin off keeping them happy) or to compose epics about the heroes.

I may just be suggesting a Bard because not enough games have them and they are my favorite class of all time in ANYTHING (except D&D, because they suck).

General style is dual wielding blades. They can't use 2h weapons, and are most commonly seen using two swords, two daggers, or a sword/dagger. Axes are viable but not most commonly used. Chief stats are dexterity and intelligence (read as cunning). If they want, they can ditch their offhand weapon and replace it with a class-specific instrument which gives bonuses to ability (that revolve around spells/skills).

I could write a book on how the Bard should play and every bit of lore behind why they are working with the other heroes.

ALSO. I think the expansion classes should be hybrids. Dex/Int = Bard. Str/Dex = Someone adept as using shields and dodge. Str/Int = Someone who has a lot of groupy supporty things, like a strategist.
I think the big gap is the shield class. Maybe a some sort of dark/demonic/nephalem paladin or something? I'm sure they could work it into the lore but the consensus in most threads seems to be the desire for a melee shield-centric class.
im just glad that none of you actually work for blizzard.
i honestly think that a DK would be a bad situation, try like he mentioned an angelic sort of tyrael, but with like path of darkness, path of light, and like a neutral earth path would be sicker than full blown aids.
^no...... that would defeat the purpose of the templar follower
02/17/2012 11:04 PMPosted by D3BETA
im just glad that none of you actually work for blizzard.

You don't want a Bard? :(
i wish the wizard can be abit more lunatic/evil. ie burst out in evil laugh when something explodes or catches on fire.
I bet one of the Xpac classes will use strength. ATM - INT/DEX Are primary for two classes, STR only 1.
Maybe we can get counter-classes for each of our existing ones, like so:

Barbarian -- Civilized Chap

Demon Hunter -- Demon Hunter Hunter

Witch Doctor -- Witch Lawyer

Monk -- Hedonist

Wizard -- Narrow Stone Bridge
Necro or mabe a battle mage, seems like there are alot of swords and axes in the game but even though the monk can equip them ( and thats alittle silly cause well....hes a monk ) there are no classes other than the barbarian for hack and slash
I am hoping for some sort of shapeshifter like the druid in D2 doesn't have to be the druid but some sort of shapeshifter that can stay in that form 99% of the time

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