What "flavor" of Class would you like to see?

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02/17/2012 09:17 PMPosted by heroicblues
forever waiting for that guitar wielding bard

This made me laugh, oh the jokes blizzard has played.

Omeed has a good point and I've thought about that before. It's quite likely the next class we get will at least use STR, but that leaves it pretty open still to the kind of class it would be. And there is really no need to make it even either, just makes sense.

Personally I'm just not sure what I'd like to see. Something different, which is what they've said they would like to do. So I'm thinking that it will be another class gotten from the game, probably like how the Demon Hunter was an enemy in D2, so that's a good place to look, but I just don't know what enemy would make a good class to play.

And it could be something totally new and never seen. I would really like a druid, or shapeshifter of some sort, but I'm not holding my breath.
02/17/2012 11:13 PMPosted by Omeed
I bet one of the Xpac classes will use strength. ATM - INT/DEX Are primary for two classes, STR only 1.

That'd make perfect sense, so logically it will never happen :D

Kidding aside, I feel that at this time the 'best' flavors such as 'dark warrior' 'holy warrior' 'savage' 'ranger' 'traps&gadgets' 'knight' 'thief' 'pets' 'tribal magic' 'high magic' 'trickster' are currently taken up by the existing Classes and the Followers. A Druid-like class and a new type of knight (maybe a weilder of traditional fire/ice/lightning magic?) would be nice though.
ie agree to something more for a better melee class. moar melee plz.

it's so hard for me being such a big d2 LOD fan... because they've basically taken 8 classes, and molded and stipped them and smushed them into 5 classes and done an amazing job of spanning all the flavors

d3 characters->former d2 characters (as I see it, feel free to bash me for being stupid)

Barb-> Barb (obviously) but takes some java flavor for loss of amazon
wizard-> sorc (pretty easy connection)
witch doctor-> necro, druid (summons and spells, elemental trickery)
Monk-> paladin (I know theirs no hammerdin or smite, but this is the trickiest connection, I see mantras a lot like auras, and High defense/recovery abilities to translate fairly close to the d2 pally)
demon hunter-> amazon (bow/cross bow skills) assassin (traps/deceptiveness/feel)

To me, skill tree wise all your missing from d2 is some of the pallies skills like Hammers, or zeal... but what I'd like to see as the final "flavor" in an expansion

dynamic shape shifter... I'm talking, 5 maybe 6 different long term shift abilities, with several sub abilities (much more then archon could provide) I think a werewolf, and bear were good but, !@#$ IDK they could get really creative and fun with this, and I think there is a good enough following of shifter fans, who would be apt to play with a shifter if it was at all viable
I would be very interested in a more celestial Paladin type of character; perhaps an Angel that disagrees with the Angiris Council and insists on aiding humanity, and is thus exiled.
I Bard might be cool, but I think it would work much better as a new follower. After all, the Bard fits better as the one following the hero around composing epic songs about his deeds than as the deed-doer himself.

Looking at the existing classes, we see 1 based on Strength, 2 based on Dex, and 2 based on Int. It seems logical that there would be another Strength-based character in the first expansion. An armored knight/paladin certainly fits the bill, but so could a spear-wielder akin to the Amazon or act II mercs of D2, or even a shapeshifter if it has even more of a shifting focus than the Druid had in D2.

I think it would be hard to come up with a knight concept that plays differently enough from the Monk and Barb, without falling back on some sort of angelic or demonic magic to spice it up.

I'd like to see it be a shapeshifter, but I'm usually disappointed by them in video games. The D2 druid just didn't do it for me.
02/17/2012 11:21 PMPosted by nOrain
Honestly rpgs are built around a fundamental fantasy of being a knight or hero with cool armor probably likely heavy. you must not like rpgs. Not their trends.

No, I'd say it has more to do with fantasy RPGs in general attempting a fantastical version of Medieval-era Europe, and that period had knights (or at least, the romanticized notion of knights). What it didn't have was, you know, magic.

Tolkien's fantasy, by contrast, never had heavy knights--at most people wore mail shirts, and the cavalry was more light lancers than heavy plate. Modern fantasy has its root and popularity in Tolkien's revival, I'd say. You might argue for The Once and Future King being relevant as well, but it never had the popularity or traction of LotR, and you can pretty well trace most modern RPG rulesets to the same era when LotR gained worldwide fame.

Which is a long way of saying that I do like RPGs, but heavy knight is not synonymous with that genre.
dark knight (?) or something like werewolf or were-demon maybe a mesmer or who knows what they will come up with
Wiz = Sorc = Mage etc
DH = Assassin + Ranger
Barbarian... well... lol always a Barbarian
WD = Necromancer + Druid (at least partially with the nature summons etc) + Shaman
Monk = Priest + some type of Rogue/Assassin?

A Bard would be amazing since it's totally different...

The Paladin would be a great class to bring back since although holy is sorta represented in the monk and tanking is sort of represented in the Barbarian they're really not what they should be.

A Druid would be a good choice since shapeshifting, and non-creepy animal summons would be cool to see again.

The Bard would be the most interesting new class Blizzard could do IMO since it would be like... a Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard combo? I say that because you'd have your support skills like the Monk, you'd be agile like the Monk and Demon Hunter, you'd have tricky/flashy types of moves like fan of knives on the Demon Hunter, you'd clearly have some crazy AOE attacks magic-wise like the Wizard and overall it'd feel totally different to the other classes. Sounds like an awesome idea to me.
Melee Spell caster could be something akin to a Blood Magic wielder. I don't know if they fit into Diablo's lore at all, but it would be a close range caster.

Highly based around life leeching and magic that drains their health. Or perhaps their resource is "blood" and when it is empty, they can keep casting at the expensive of their own vitality (health).

Their skills would be things like...

-Something that boils the targets blood, working like a DoT. If they die from it, they explode.

-An attack that slashes at an enemy close up with their own blood. The more hurt they are they more damage they do.

-Something that siphons life energy from bleeding enemies (requires the target to already be bleeding, via effects from other skills).

-A corpse explosion skill.

-A "charm" but done in a way that the person is controlling a target by taking hold of their blood. While the target is charmed, their blood pool drains, or it reserves a chunk of it, for the time limit.
a necromancer that can only summon a golem as a summon, so that hes not some kind of mirror witch doctor
I want to play as a box of Cheerios.
02/17/2012 11:54 PMPosted by Choob
I want to play as a box of Cheerios.

could be cool
I would like to see descendants of the nephalem. The lore would be easy, a small community kept quiet until the balance became too one sided. Azmodan is bringing out all the stops, the high heavens are too. Now it's time for the nephalem to step up and put everything back into balance! :)

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