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Demon Hunter
So the new notes said they have improved the pathing of the backflip on Evasive fire and the path of Vault. Will someone with beta post on how good/bad the change is?

I'd be very grateful
The pathing is pretty good. It will move you away from an area, even if blocked from what I can tell. Seems pretty solid to me, will always find a route away rather than basically tumble and not move.
That makes me very happy ty for posting.
It got me stuck behind a object once. But other then that its 100% better then last patch
Sweet, I gave up on DH because of this problem. I can now consider DH again.
I don't have a video (as I'm at work) but I have noticed the pathing is indeed better. For example, when using Evasive Fire with my back against a wall, I'll only get stuck if I'm firing perpendicular to the wall (or close to it) causing the backflip to roll directly into the wall. Otherwise, the backflip portion of the ability has a tendency to slide me along the wall away from the enemy. It can be kind of finicky, but I think it's noticably better than before patch 13.

Same sort of deal with Vault. If I hit a tree or something part-way through the tumble, it'll try to roll me around it, rather than slamming me back againt the tree causing my poor DH to slip a disc in her back :(

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