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Hey all!

Some of you might remember a few of the videos I've made
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Level 1 Naked SK Kill; No potions - 19:28

Diablo 3 Over 200 Destruction Streak

I've just finished up a project I've been working on for the last few days.

It's a calculator you can use to determine the following stats for any weapon in any configuration

  • Blizzard DPS (actual DPS)
  • Minimum damage per hit
  • Maximum damage for a critical hit
  • DPS using only your lower range
  • DPS using only your upper range

So far my tests have shown it to be 100% accurate. If anyone with beta wants to test their configuration in it and compare the Blizzard DPS's to make sure they match I would appreciate it.

The reason I chose to show lower to upper DPS is because consistency is important to me and as such I will favor a setup that shows these numbers as fairly close, even if it means sacrificing a little DPS.

Note this is not for calculating your heroes DPS but a specific weapon's DPS. As such it doesn't have a field for a second weapon.

Besides checking ranges this will be useful for checking the DPS of a weapon before you buy it on the auction house or trade for it.

As a side note, the site this is hosted on (armadagaming.com) is my team's website. This is an open team and any serious Diablo III players are welcome to join =]
wow nobody even replied to this.

Very usefull tool when buying new wep dude.

Thanks a lot!
Great tool. Is there anyway to calculate dual-wielding (off hand) weapons as well?
Awesome calculator, but missing a key component of + damage given by various gears like rings etc. I am astonished how much dps can change on a 500 dps axe JUST by a +5 to 10 damage ring.
should implement dmg % increase from skills
how about implementing consideration
+min dmg,
+max dmg, and
+% damage,
...as stated on some weapons, or is that already done?

see sample of my current weapon screenshot @ http://i.imgur.com/AAOZo.png
What the heck happened to the armadagaming.com site? Just went back to mess with the calculator (which worked great for me, last I used it), and it looks like the domain has been hijacked.

You can download to your iphone up to calculate the diablo 3 dps.
With this calculator you can calculate the wear of different weapons to play a higher attack;
When you are Diablo III game to change weapons, you can use this calculator to calculate how to match the best.

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