Dutch manufacture April 19th

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Can't read Dutch but I think it's saying the 19th of April

Also im looking at getting a new rig to run d3 would this one be above recommended requirements?


A very rough translation from an online translator

Oh yes, the Smit Bears know it certainly! In the leaflet see you the photograph as here above stand and also by inquire at Bears Smit says one this date in the system to have.,. Even the next leaflet that comes out next week has Diablo III stand for 19 April. When we reported that Blizzard indicated had the date per press message the world in the swing so that everybody the at the same time knowledge and it no one retailer is that before a date gets than anyone, must the co-worker of the Bears Smit really normally indicate that this the date is that one has. Runs thus to Round Bears, that knowledge it namely certainly. Click on the pica up here for a complete reproduction.
Read this


It has your video card in it

I would recommend buying a video then using the onboard but your processor might bottleneck it
In fact that video card is not even supported so you won't be able to run it
What do you mean by bottleneck it? Sorry not very computer litterate
your processor will limit the full potential of a graphics card that would normally perform very well.
I'd recommend a ATI 6950 video card
you can tell the community is worn out when a strange sounding dutch translation that talks about april 19th doesn't even generate that much interest.

If this kind of thing had been posted 6 months ago this post would have blown up like dynomite.
Those darned Smit Bears are at it again!...............?
GTX 580 video card
Only one site will give the release date and that's the one we are posting on.
02/25/2012 09:50 AMPosted by ErectHippo
GTX 580 video card

i have 2 of these.... yeah get a 580, they are....AMAZING!
Sigh. All wishful thinking. Doubt its true, member the best buy episode?
IncGamers thinks they will announce the date next week at CeBit.


Guys, the Smit Bears know it certainly. That means it must be true.
02/25/2012 11:28 AMPosted by Kaks187
GTX 580 video card

i have 2 of these.... yeah get a 580, they are....AMAZING!

They are obsolete and there's no reason to purchase one with the 28nm based 7950s readily available.
02/27/2012 09:33 AMPosted by PersonalJ
They are obsolete

GTX 580.... obsolete.... lol?
A single GTX 560 1GB can handlle the ultra settings easily.

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