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No, this isnt a thread about how I cant stand the Elective System. Nor is it a thread about Blizzard doing any hand-holding for noobs.

So today, well actually yesterday, i stayed over there, I played beta at a friends house and I played through the beta on a DH and a Monk. As I read these forums and the beta changes often I was wondering how bad it would be, and although annoying because i wanted to test different runes, I see how the system will eventually work.

My problem was more with the Elective System, I have no problem with the system itself since I can enable it, BUT it is PAINFULLY annoying to have to have to switch Elective Mode on EVERY single time I relog into a character. My friend and I switched every so often and it never failed, I would have to go back in, change Elective Mode to being on again, and turn on show monster damage. The choices I pick dont stay on, and I really do not understand this. If I turned it on ONCE, isnt it safe to assume that i want it on ALL the time? I shouldnt have to tell the game each time I play that I want to play with Elective Mode and Damage Done to Monsters showing and on.

For instance, I played on my DH and I bound hungering arrow to 1 and bola shot to 2, but after I relogged, I couldnt rebind my new strafe to 2 since I liked it more as an AOE, until I went and turned Elective Mode back on, which is very annoying.

TL;DR- Elective Mode and all other settings reset every single time you relog, and it gets annoying, is this a bug or is this intentional? because its really annoying
It's a bug right now. No options save.
thank you ^.^

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