What class will be your "main"?

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Just wondering what the rest of the community thinks.

What class will you be starting as/your main?

For me, I'm torn between Wizard or Barbarian. :/
If he's Paladin can I be Ninja?

This is the build I planned on using for my Wizard. But I can't even come up with a build for a Barbarian so Wizard will probably be the way to go.
02/27/2012 04:34 PMPosted by Effortless
Oh man I forgot about Paladins.

He must be talking about the Expansion then.
W to the izard
Monk forst DH second & more then likely wizzard 3rd
Demon hunter, mainly because I like the idea of being one of the "dark" heroes...

That and bows are awesome! >:3
With Doctor
Demon Hunter or Barbarian... I really can't decide.

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