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I read the Book of Cain and loved it. I like how it ties things together since creation. I didn't think it would go this far as to talk about Anu, Tathamet and list all the demons and angels. The book is just beautiful.

The subjects I'd like to be talked more about are:

  • The First Nephalem - As Demons and Angels were listed, I would love to know more about the fantastical first nephalems or Ancients. Who were they? What did they look like? What could they do? Where are they now? A little about their lives and personalities.

  • Trag'oul - I don't know if he'll be talked about in D3, but he has a great role in events and so far we don't know much about him.

  • Natalya - I love how mysterious her character was in D2. She then suddenly disappears and left me so curious as to who was she, which order was she from and why was she there?

  • Book of Horazon - He is by far the most amazing character created by the series. The Arcane Sanctuary alone left me speechless in D2 and its description in Legacy of Blood is mind blowing. I want more of this amazing character and maybe even a Book Of Horazon.

  • The Horadrim - BoC told us a bit more about it, but the adventures capturing The Three, contact with Tyrael, formation, details and dissipation of the order needs much more attention.
I definetly will go with a book from a non human perspective, maybe Itherael or Mefisto but definetly not Tyrael, but I think there is not much lore about the to make a secuel of the Book of Cain. I think it would be pretty cool too if the book is based on Adria and Aidan with pretty cool similarity between them and Lilith and Inarius
Sadly I don't think 'The book of Cain could be implimented, unless it went into more elaboration...

However i would love to learn more about the magics in Sanctuary, possibly the Tome of Lam Esen, maybe both... one that talks about the different types of magic (Vizjeri, Druidism, Necromantic, Vudun, etc.) and then the little black book.
I'd encourage a book with a similar style, covering an overview of the events of D3.
Additional areas of interest would be a primer on the many various cultures of Sanctuary, from the Amazons to the Witchdoctors to the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. From Xiansi to Caldeum and the Underground city of the Necromancers to the new territories of the Arreat Crater and Dreadlands.
Just got done reading it, and what i like to see is a book that focuses on factions (like the amazons and sisters of the sightless eye) as well as various information/recounts of different monsters/deamons/angels
I would enjoy seeing some of the inner workings of the world and how they relate to the classes, like the training process to become a monk, or some of the laws and workings of the myriad magics.
Seeing some expansion on the more famous NPCs/Enemies would be fascinating as well. I'd personally like to see some more things from poor Marius's perspective, in addition to enemies like Blood Raven or the Summoner and how they fell to darkness.
Lastly, a bestiary of some form would be great to see as well.
A cook book by the Butcher.
The story behind the people set and unique items are named after. The story behind some notorious uniques (stormshield, occulous, stone of jordan, grandfather, meshersmits reaver).

More on the edyrem. More on the ancients (first generation nephilim - Esu, Rathma etc)

More detail on magic would be awesome. Magic has had such a profound impact on sanctuary but you never really hear how its used, how it was developed, how it is trained. etc.

More details on sanctuary's geography and cities. More details on culture of different areas.
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The book of diablo would be pretty kewl too..

"Day 26 in Tristram

It's BORING. I'm just a misunderstood creature trying to make more friends. Leoric is refusing to be my playmate. He's just so angry nowadays. I don't understand why! At least Albrecht is a cool kid to hang out with.

We found a red crystal the other day. Albrecht said it would be a good idea to stick it into his head. I'm not too sure about that. I've a bad feeling about that crystal. We'll just see what happens tomorrow!

Yours Always,
Hard question. The Book of Cain was like a book from the bible (book of Matthew for example). Also, it was meant for historical purposes just like the bible. It basically talked about a magnificent past, how the beginning was, and how it will unfold in the future.

I have rarely seen 2 books in the bible by the same author. Solomon did have 2 chapters but his 2nd chapter was a very long poem with guiding principles inside.

Making a 2nd book is a good idea, but it would have to be quite original. For example, lets say Leah gets some more dreams and becomes a prophet and writes the Book of Leah. A more difficult approach would be make a completely different Book of Cain just like there were 2 books by Solomon but they were entirely different.
I'd like to see more stuff that fleshes out Sanctuary as a living world, or more back-story for things we encounter but never were explained well. Even if it has no particular bearing to the story, there is such potential for the lore to be fleshed out in a real, organic way that brings the world to life. Specifically the kinda of things I'd like to see:

- Who are the Sisters of the Sightless Eye and what is their deal?
- Tell me more about the Horadric Mallus, the Anvil or Fury and these other mythical, rare, amazing artifacts.
- Remember the Arcane's Valor armour from D1, or any other number of unique items? How about some lore about these things and why they're so wicked awesome.
- How does Average Joe make his living in the deserts of Aranoch or the jungles of Kurast? Seriously, they seem like horrible places to live.
- How have other places that are inconsequential to the story (like Bramwell) been affected by the arrival of the Evils? For example, were things perfectly normal just 3 miles outside of Tristram during D1, or were there real affects that were felt throughout the region from the arrival of such evil like withering crops, plagues, and general corruption?
- Who are Halbu and Jamella, and why are they hanging out in the Pandemonium Fortress? They don't look much like angels.
- Tell me more about the geography of the Hells. Were the hell levels in D1 geographically different from the places we visit in D2? How about Diablo's big evil Hell-cathedral in D2, was that his base of operations or more like a summer home?

Generally, bring this world to life! Give me a taste of its cultures, religions, ways of life - context from which to view the events of the Diablo games that will make it that much more powerful and interesting. Seriously, there is so much potential here!
So many good ideas in this thread. Just to point out a few of the ideas that I love, and maybe build on 'em a little.

Make each book also come with an audio book version that links to my account. During gameplay, allow me to walk into Cain's house and access his "library" which contains all the books\chapters I have associated to my account. Have each section of the book broken up via a table of contents...and allow me to listen to the book in the game. I want to be able to listen to one entry\chapter, a group of play on the whole darn book. There could also be a main menu navigation for this content, as well as "on the fly" access so I can listen while adventuring.

I would also be able to read these books in game with a nice, customizable layout. I'm thinking about altering the font size, page color, maybe even some interactive art...or a button to simulate a candle flickering off screen that affects the page illumination. Ever read a book by candlelight? You get the idea.

It might be handy to pump in some of the spectacular in game music while reading...

**Consider releasing new chapters that are much smaller than a full book, and make them available via digital download. Maybe even make an NPC interaction where the purchase can be made in game. Dunno...that might cheapen the experience. Microtransactions are a sensitive thing, and The Book of Cain definitely feels grand, and worthy (if you catch my drift). Making some NPC sell pieces of a digital book may take away from what The Book of Cain did successfully as a "brand booster", so to speak.**

I would love books told from other perspectives. Book of Tyrael, Book of Mephisto, Book of Tal-Rasha, Book of Horadrim, etc.

I think it would be incredible if future books (and maybe even a re-release of The Book of Cain) were actually in leather bound, thick, hard cover, tomes...with raised surfaces and some sort of metal ridges outlining the corners. Perhaps there could be two versions. One could be the hardback style that exists today for The Book of Cain. The other could be a premium worn, leather hardcover as I am describing here.

Whatever the future holds for these book entries, I would prefer the writing style and story organization to stay EXACTLY the same as The Book of Cain. Obviously, stories told from different characters would have a different emotional tone. When I refer to the same "writing style", I mean the feeling that The Book of Cain pulled off. While reading it, I felt a teacher was schooling me and a few others while around a fireplace. Yea, keep that writing style. It works beautifully.
The real story behind Izual and the plan he made with the Prime Evils
Would like to see the short stories of each of the characters on the Launch Page for Diablo 3 with the unlockable content turned into full stories, would make great sellers.
More Artwork!

What made book of Cain so great for me was that it had the likes of James Gurney, Iaian Mccaig, Brom and others all woven into a narrative. Soon as I recognized Mccaig I had to immediately go to back of the book and find all the other awesome artists who helped bring the tomb to life.
Book of Cain is sitting on my shelf with all my other art books, & I'd love to see Bliz get the same if not more skilled draftsmen for their second edition.
I'd love to find out what the final fates of each Diablo 2 hero were.
Interestingly enough, Blizz could use these "The Book of XXXXX" to introduce brand new characters. Pick a mage from one of the clans, give him\her a name, and have them write a book like "The Book of Cain".

Done could be a main part of Diablo 3 expansions, where we play from another group's perspective on things (like the Half-life universe did). The book could be the perfect bridge for that gap.

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