Book of Cain II: Electric Boogaloo?

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An expanded bestiary.
Short stories involving minor characters.
More great artwork.
Same great smell.
The ED reference in the thread title amuses me.
I'd like to see you go back and give more history and detail of the Horadrim and more of the lore that Deckard Cain had studied for all those years along with adding everything he could have wrote during Diablo 3 until he died.

I'd love more in depth stories about the heroes in D2 plus a bestiary
I would like an overview of what happened to each of Tristram's original inhabitants: Wirt, Ogden, Gillian, Farnham, Griswold, and Pepin.

I would like to see more of the old lore incorporated like: The Warlord of Blood
I'd to see it not written by Cain. Instead include all those lost texts, fragments, runes, hieroglyphs and all. Discuss the 1001 gods, etc. Make it a collection of possible books to be written in the future, anything but the Cliff notes guide to Sanctuary that first book was. Call it Cain's notes if you want. The stuff he used as references.

Make it read like those books and poems I found in Diablo 1. BTW, that voice actor was amazing.
Might have been mentioned already, but the unformed lands I think they call it. Id like to know a bit more about the game's interpretation of the afterlife for mortals.

Also maybe a bit more on different Angels from the High Heavens. So far we have info on about seven - the Council and then Inarius and Izual. It seems like its just them and the rest are generic, nameless Angels. Compared to the Burning Hells where we know/fought various amounts of demons, demon captains/lieutenants, Lesser evils, prime evils etc.

Perhaps the lieutenants of each of the Council members just so there is more of a hierarchy to the High Heavens, and perhaps their views on the Council members and the Naphelem/Burning Hell's war. It would make the High Heavens feel more richer/populated. I thought Izul's story was cool, and made Tyrael more interesting, giving info about the Council's lieutenants could make the council members more interesting as well.
More Ving Rhames
I'd love to see more Diablo related lore. I went into Diablo 3 with much skepticism, even quit the game from the initial shock of how different it was compared to D2, but after seeing the story-related improvements I really enjoy it now (though there are some questionable elements, overall the good parts outshine the bad)

The sequel wouldn't have to be written by Cain perhaps, maybe some more of Abd al-Hazir? Or a collection of scripts from various scholars, perhaps even angels/demons
i would like to see the lore and artwork of monsters we encountered in the whole series (just their main type)
or maybe see parts of stories in diablo 3 when cain still alive or leah finishing his book
and an entry of the black soulstone and how zoltun kulle made it
Definately continue to make the books in the first person of a character from the game.

The book of diablo would be pretty kewl....

I'd rather not read the Book of Diablo...kind of scared to see what he's thinking. Then again, it's pretty obvious what he's thinking fighting against the heroes.

Besides, why the hell would Diablo write a journal? Not like there's any paper in the Burning Hells.
06/20/2012 12:47 AMPosted by Steele
Besides, why the hell would Diablo write a journal? Not like there's any paper in the Burning Hells.

Azmodan keeps a journal. I'm pretty sure Belial and a few nameless cultists also did too.
For those that have read through the entirety of the Book of Cain:

Were we to make a follow-up to the Book of Cain, what would you like to see in it?

invincible door technology
I hope that if you do another Book of Cain, you won't call it "Book of Cain 2".

i would love it if the artists you hired for the original would work with you again. Drawings from Petar Meseldzija and James Gurney are always awesome.

If you can, I recommend hiring Marko Djurdjevic from Sixmorevodka Studios and Donato Giancola as well. Donato does unreal fantasy paintings, and Marko. is simply the best when it comes to designing believable characters.

If you got together all those brilliant artists, the next book of Cain would be the Expendables of illustrators. Awesome!

And: Absolutely add another envelope gimmick at the end of the book. It drove me insane, wanting to open the envelope not not wanting to break the seal... great design choice!

The could be a letter from Leah inside the next envelope.
More lore regarding Anu and Thatamet such as possible ways to revive the two great figures since Diablo tried to be the aspect of Thatamet by absorbing the 6 Lords of Hell Soul.

Does the Archangels have the same aspect? Can the Archangels combine their souls to achieve greater power against Diablo as well?

What is installed for the Nephalem now that the Worldstone is destroyed? What is the course of action which the High Heavens will take in regards to the mortals regaining their Nephalem powers?

What about the other Horadrims? since in the book, The Order, it is said that Deckard Cain is searching for other living Horadrims.

More detailed information about The Black Abyss and The Void. Possibility of Lilith and Inarius returning to interfere with Sanctuary and the war between the High Heavens and Burning Hells.
Tyrael mentions the "Fifth Battle of the Diamond Gate." Some back story on these Diamond Gate battles would be nice.
matching audio books
I liked how the first pages were written using a hand-writing font - it gives the book a more personalized (by Cain) look. The parts which uses type-writing fonts seem wrong ... I did not see Cain ever having a type writer. The comments/notes were a nice touch.

From the threads, the suggestions that I agree with would be the following:
1) Audio book - using Decard's voice actor
2) Another book but from another perspective - Diablo's or maybe another demon's - who knows if they have their reasons for doing what they are doing (i.e they have their own beliefs). Shen seems like he had been around.
3) Expanding on the story about the creation of Sanctuary (i.e. Lilith et al) and the event that happened between D2 and D3, and after D3

And don't forget the things that makes a book sells - blood, gore, sex, violence, sex, action, sex, mystery ..... lol

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