Will there be cutscenes in between the acts?

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Sorry if this was answered already, couldn't find a thread or any info about it but does anyone know if there will be cutscenes in between acts like in Diablo II/LOD ?

I'm sure there will.
Yes there will be.
I don't know, there were cutscenes between acts in Diablo II, and the team didn't like that game much. :P
But of course. A Diablo game without Diablo and cutscenes isn't Diablo.

02/27/2012 07:40 PMPosted by D3BETA
A Diablo game without Diablo and cutscenes isn't Dia

While I agree that there will certainly be cut scenes, they've said that this will be the last diablo game that focuses on Diablo himself. Their exact statement even makes it sound like this could be the last Diablo game at all, but it's safe to say that in 10 more years when D4 comes out, while it may be called Diablo, it won't have Diablo in it.
Well, as much as we all love Diablo. There's more to Diablo than Diablo himself (or herself if you believe that way)
Seriously? I wouldn't put it past these guys to want to take Diablo out of the Diablo games, but this is a bit hard to believe, even from them.
As has been said before I think that there will be, I mean come on there's major cinimatics in the opening so why wouldn't there be cinimatics in between the acts.

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