For those of you that want a "Gold Vacuum"

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I made a video of my WD with an 18 yard bonus to picking up gold and health globes.

I suspect that end game we will have an even larger pickup radius from higher level items and what not.

So pickup up gold won't be a hassle after all (even without having to click on it now!) :)

Edit: Re-uploaded video, should work now.

Can't watch :(

"This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."
if you want a "gold vaccum" get a girlfriend
i got the same error, did you put music to it?
I didn't add anything to it. Just Fraps'd it then uploaded :(
I will try reuploading, sorry all
Hmm I dont get why it wouldnt work?
WTH is this youtube crap. Youtube is going downhill in my book -_- wish there was something else we could rely on. You guessed it... doesn't work for me neither.. living in Canada
Not getting it in AU.

I want a chibi pet dressed in a french maid outfit who is pushing a vacuum around to suck up all the gold for me.
Re-uploading now.
Alright new video is uploaded.

Basically, once we start seeing larger radius on these items (4-5) we should be able to pickup gold from half a screen away.

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