Monk graphical combo tracker

I really enjoy the fast paced gameplay of the monk and mixing up different attacks based on the situation, often i'll get the first 2 hits with fists of fury and finish with exploding palm for the aoe. I've noticed the time between attacks to reset the combo to the first attack is kind of vague and has me throwing off my rotation as it were.

For example I'lll get two hits on a mob that dies move to another monster thats a few steps away and hit with a different ability expecting third hit combo effect but it has reset, and then sometimes i'm expecting the reset and engage with what i intend to be the opener hit and its the finisher.

An easy solution to this would be some kind of graphical indicator as to what stage of a combo you're on at any given minute with a fading graphic or actual numbers to indicate when that combo will be reset do to time between the next attack. So you have a symbol or graphical representation of a 2 around your character indicating you've completed the first 2 hits of a combo as you run to the next monster it's blinking or in some way indicating that time is fading for you to connect a third hit to that combo, so you know when you hit the next mob if its going to be a third hit "finisher" or first hit "starter" i don't know if other monks would agree, but I think that would drastically increase the fun and satisfaction of the gameplay involving the monk combo system
I'd like to see this as well. Even better if this can be toggled off for those who don't want it..
exactly for those annoyed by it, have it turned off, but for me I'd really like to know what hit I'm on as a move to another monster, I have played the monk for some time now, and have gotten that window reset time down reasonably well, but I still on several occasions err incorrectly on either side of that window, either thinking I'm in time to throw a third hit onto a new monster, and being reset, or thinking i've reset and going for a fast first hit with fists of thunder to unleash its third hit unintentionally, I think it would just give more control over the combo system that I really enjoy using and weaving with different spirit generators on the fly

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