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Author wanted me to add this:
Whoa I missed this thread. Yeah I was just trying to play around for a few hours and see what could be done. I'm not a pro UI/UX designer or whatever, but after seeing the latest channels D3 got, I wanted to experiment...

I agree it is a bit cluttered, and sure maybe it is a bit 'nostalgic' putting the avatars in. All I did was look at D2's bnet, take D3 images, and cut/shuffle around. I'm sure Blizz could design it a lot better/cleaner/slicker than me... but the goal was to see what would happen if I tried haha... and maybe make the opening login a bit more 'social'. I had hoped Blizz would have made something even cooler than a simple lineup of avatars... but that's as far as I went in my mockup here.

As far as party avatars, I imagined they would replace the chat ones at the bottom while you're in a party (and could be switched back etc).

D3's current channels are separate to your normal chat box; to me that was quite strange, so that's why it's all in one. Some have suggested moving it to the right, and putting the game/main-avatar stuff on the left... certainly a good idea but Blizz always puts chat on the left...

Not taking credit but Blizz should do something like this.
Yes Please! Agreed x1000
thats definitely an improvement
yes i want exactly something like this, but for a patch... dont want to delay more over this
Dude, email this to blizzard! Is that possible? THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!

Everyone requested a sticky for this ;p
That looks great. Could use a little touching up, just centering things, like the diablo skull at the bottom, but overall looks great.
Oh wow, this is perfect.
bump! PEOPLE pay attention and get blizzard to notice this chat design.
ok blizzard lets do this...
the character would have to be resized. Not sure if people realize this, but when you invite people to a party their avatar stands right next to yours. So they'd need room for 4 characters with the current set up
Hopefully Blizzard can see the potential in this.
do it up Blizzard
Not my creation just posting from Diablofans
Please consider this improved chat system developers. This will create an atmosphere the players have always wanted.
+1, that looks really good (and not half ***ed) like the current chat system.

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