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I am personally interested in the PC version of D3, however I know that they're looking into making a console version in the future. I was wondering, how would that work? I mean, can they implement into Playstation Network or Xbox live? Or would it be just completely separate from PC RMAH and stuff like that?

I know that no one has a definitive answer, but if there's any people with programming knowledge or some good guesses, I'd like to hear them.
There are some games that offer cross platform multiplayer support in some capacity. I believe Portal 2 allows PC - PS3 play...

I think.

So I wouldn't rule the idea out...
Blizzard has said that IF they do a console Diablo game, that it would not be a port of D3 but would be built from the ground up for consoles as a separate game, so crossover with the PC game Diablo 3 would not be an issue. I believe it was at the last Blizzcon where this was talked about, but it could have been beforehand. Either way, they have not even confirmed that a console version of Diablo will be coming out. I would say we are likely a year or more away from that happening if it ever does.

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