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Whether Blizzard decides they liked the side-effects of having a somewhat transparent development process for D3 or not, I'd just like to say that I do like it. Even if there is the problem of getting attached to hypothetical systems which don't make the cut, I personally like a real-world example of brainstorming meeting with playtesting and coming out the other end changed.

Maybe it's because I'm a giant dork and like the 'theory' of game development in addition to the tangible results, but seeing where some systems and even specific numeric values start versus where they finish is rather exciting to me. The vast, vast majority of us will never design a game or even give meaningful input to the process, and developers have good reasons to keep the process secretive, so I think seeing the curtain pulled back a bit is a rather cool situation.

Yeah, the amount of complaining and teeth-gnashing over seeing theories never make it to the final cut is probably rather discouraging to whoever decided to share their progress in the first place, but even when I'm affected by that process, I can step back and appreciate the rare glimpse inside. When there is further communication about the *WHY* behind certain changes, then that's even better.

TL;DR, I like the relative transparency of this development cycle all things considered, and I hope it's something more companies do in the future. But I understand why they don't.
I like the transparency, but I don't like it when I can't rationalize their choices.

If I never knew about the different types of rune systems or the older, superior UI, I wouldn't feel as let down when they change it to something I consider significantly worse.
That is the trade-off, and I myself have had to get over the imagined notion of hunting runes with random affixes. I'm guessing that people who don't care what goes into a game's development so long as they like the game are probably not that keen on the transparency, though.
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They never done that. Just saying. People sugest it, but that all.

It was one of those 'what if' things that development threw around back in the Fall, alongside the idea of 'grey' runes that would 'attune' to a skill.
It is kind of fun seeing people go crazy over things they have no control over or are completely ignorant on.
i like the transparancy
that way doomsday prophecies on every aspect of the game are kept at a low, although it doesnt seem like it
Can someone tell me when did the status "transparent" become a part of Activision Blizzard?
It's called Beta Testing and either they are closed or open...
Can someone tell me when did the status "transparent" become a part of Activision Blizzard?
It's called Beta Testing and either they are closed or open...

It's not just the beta testing. It's informational releases for things they're thinking about before they have a working version, as well as actual numbers for skill calculators and rune effects that don't even exist in the beta. This is not information they need to release for their own testing; it's 100% for our benefit.

Don't confuse it with normal beta testing.

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